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12 November 2015

Kitting While At A Crop

Yes, at the crop.  This was a first for me.  Normally, I construct a kit or two ahead of time to take to a crop, and I did take some kits with me to my early September crop.

But in late August, I ran short of time to pack. My major project was finishing a pocket page album of our first trip to Hawaii.  With pictures slotted into pockets already, and a few supplies set aside, I knew I needed more.  So I threw every beach/summer/sunshine thing I could grab from my stash and took it in one big IRIS box to the crop.

But at the crop, the big box was daunting.  I needed just the essentials to be effective.  Here’s how I sorted it out one morning, when I was the first one awake, on a great big library-style crop table.


One - I started out with a relatively new paper to my stash – Summer Sun by Fancy Pants.  Here is all the paper I had in this line.


Two – I had an older line of Fancy Pants called Summer Soul – the colors (orange, pink & aqua) were very similar although this had a vanilla base tone, while the first line had a white one.  Still, I thought it would work fine.


Three - I pulled out what accessories I had for both lines – filter paper, tags, chipboard/button set, pocket journal cards and a red chipboard alpha.


Four:  I added in gold vellum, a pineapple paper, summer chipboard words, glittered foam words, buttons, washi tape, mists, buttons, gold thread and a couple of alphabets.


Five:  Finally, I grabbed two more washi tapes and some gold nautical elements. I had pared down the supplies by more than half. I called it done. Actually, I would call this kit  - Summer Sun with Soul!

While cropping, I only completed about 40% of the pocket pages – concentrating on filling pockets and not the journaling.  My excuse:  I had trouble removing one of my contacts late Friday and ended up with an abrasion on one eye. I didn’t waste any time getting into a local optometrist,  recommended by the gal at the B&B, early Saturday morning.  Thankfully, I had not  damaged my cornea.  So with some prescription eye drops, I was scrapping full strength again the next morning.

So most of this project awaits me in that big IRIS box.  I will share pictures of some pages when I am done.  Unless,  of course,  you would like a sneak peek of what I managed while at the crop?


Did you notice on the second page, that you actually have to turn the page to see two of the photos? That’s probably a no-no, but back when I first slotted the photos, I had those two oddballs, and I didn’t want to keep trying to rearrange additional pages, so I made my peace with it.

To finish up, I need to dig through the trip memorabilia and complete several journal cards that tells of our itinerary and other details too. Those pages are interpersed with these, so you will see a journal slot on most 2 page spreads.

That’s all for today, aloha!


  1. Your resourcefulness stood you in good stead, and your pages show it :). Sorry to hear about the eye - last thing you need when you want to be intensively staring at photos and papers...

  2. Sometimes I can be such an idiot! I read your entire post---loved the color combination and beautiful photos. When I got to the end, I thought, "but where does the knitting come in?" I went back to the top and realized I read "knitting" instead of "kitting!" Crazy, but what I actually thought was that you were using those papers as inspiration for yarn colors!! Either way, now you've given me an idea for scrapbook pages and knitting colors!! Hey, just goes to show that inspiration is everywhere---even if it starts from a silly mistake!

  3. Love this kit that you put together while on the go! I really need to set aside a day or two and make up a kit or two. It would be so nice to have it all ready to go when I sit down to scrap instead of spending most of my time looking for things! Great pages, too!

  4. Sorry to hear about your eye ... but glad you were able to get help! I loveeeeeeeeee the pages you created!! Loving the photos and colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fabulous kit and LOVE what you created with it!!!

  6. Such a pretty kit and I Love your spread!

  7. So sorry to hear of your eye problems - but I think the rest of the kit making and cropping shows it wasn't long lived. I've done that photo turned the wrong way and figure people have necks that turn right? ;)

  8. You could not have 'thrown together' a kit that screamed Hawaii any louder. Those colours are amazing!