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14 December 2015

Me On Monday - Not Quite Christmassy

Since we last talked, and I forewarned you that I would be taking a blog break, lots has been happening.  Not all of it good – almost none of it planned.  That I had gotten ahead on my blog/design team work was both timely and sanity saving.  With a wave at Sian and the other Me on Monday-ers – let me bring you up-to-date.

To give you the Readers’ Digest condensed version, hubby’s aunt G, his mom’s only sister, passed away the day before Thanksgiving.  She was the same aunt who we had visited lately while hiking.  Aunt G was quite an interesting lady with 90 years of life experience and spunk to match. She was preceded in death by both her husband and only son.  Hubby as one of her closest nephews is executor of the estate. She lived in the family home that was 150+ years old, and she left it packed to the rafters. She had jokingly warned hubby and his brother about that – turns out, she wasn’t really joking.

Among expired canned goods and spices in vintage containers, outdated prescription medicine (she was a practicing pharmacist still-who should have known better), yellowed newspaper clippings (Uncle S was a United Press International reporter for 32 years), Readers’ Digests condensed books with tattered covers (both were avid readers), and more than a bit of dust, we have uncovered massive amounts of old family photos along with some family history that she had taken the time to commit to paper.  I have been scanning photos and handwritten notes fervently into my computer as we sort through boxes.

Other things have gone awry too – because when it rains, it pours.  There was another out-of-town funeral in our extended family, son’s truck went on the blink, necessitating him borrowing my car while hubby was out of town on a rare business trip in his retirement, the few early online Christmas orders that I managed did not turn out smoothly, Windows Live Writer seems to be on blink, etc., etc., etc.!

There have been blessings too.  Christmas cards were sent out in the mail, and a steady flow is arriving with snapshots of adorable nieces and nephews.  College girl was home for a long weekend before finals.  She helped decorate the tree and finish the other decorations which had been put on hold since she last started them the weekend after Thanksgiving. On Saturday morning, hubby and son sang and played music at a church pancake breakfast program. And that, dear friends, started us on our new trajectory –

this week, around here, no matter what,
will be a big push to get Christmassy.

In the holiday spirit, I will leave you with a bit of photographic family history uncovered at Aunt G’s.  Here is hubby and his little brother admiring the Christmas decorations at their home in December 1965. Yes, that’s exactly 50 years ago.  And yes, that’s more Christmas decorating than can be seen on my front door.

Hubby suggested she had the picture because she had sent them the hats and coats.  You cannot see their faces, but you can imagine they are starting to feel like Christmas is coming.  That is how I want to feel - simple child-like anticipation.

I have seen this picture before, and am having a bit of déjà vue.  If I posted it on the blog in years’ past, my justification is that it is worth a second look on it’s 50th anniversary. Perhaps my déjà vue is a general sense from looking at lots and lots of old photos. Tell me, did it give you déjà vue?

In any case, have a great week, and if you haven’t already – do what I am going to do – go get Christmassy!


  1. Sounds like a whole bunch of stuff happening there ... sorry for the loss of Aunt G ... I hope the rest of the season goes better for everyone!!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's Aunt. It sounds as though she'll be remembered for a long time to come..what an amazing record of a life well lived you now have to sift through. That photo is a little treasure all on its own: it makes me think of old Walt Disney movies..doesn't it have that look about it?

    Hope you start getting Christmassy very soon

  3. So sorry to hear about aunt G! Why does not only rain, but pour! Very cute photo! Reminds me of when I was growing up. Hope you can start getting festive at your house!

  4. No deja vu here - it's a great photo!! So sorry to hear about the loss(es) and other things going awry! Hope you have a fabulous week!

  5. Boy that was a lot at one time~ for sure :)

  6. I am sorry to hear of Aunt G's passing - you must have been glad to see her recently. And it sounds as if the bits of buried treasure inside all the other stuff of a long life well lived is worth it. Hoping you'll be feeling festive very soon. We are miles behind over here too.

  7. I'm sorry for your loss, but she sounds like a woman that truly lived her life, her way

  8. So sorry to hear the news xxx

  9. So sorry for your family's loss. Glad that you were able to see her recently.

  10. Sorry for your loss!! And what a beautiful picture that is. Sounds like your husband's aunt was a very special person!! xoxo

  11. Your vintage photo is a gem. It looks as if it was taken just yesterday and is such a wonderful snap of a time gone by. I know that we are now weeks later but I hope you were able to find some calm in all that unwanted chaos and sadness.