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04 January 2016

Memorandum Monday: Feasting in the New Year

Our New Year’s Eve celebrations are always family friendly – we stay at home, whip up a buffet of party appetizers and watch movies together.  This is followed by catching the countdown on TV from places like New York’s Times Square, downtown Chicago or other celebrations from around the world.

We raise our glasses on the stroke of midnight.  Hugs and kisses are exchanged.  We hear small fireworks disturb our local quiet and wonder which neighbor has set them off.  History has taught us that the show will be short – and we are not likely get outside (because of the need to don our shoes) before they end.  Truth be told, our celebrating does NOT last long into the new year.  As the bubbly is finished, we all toddle off to bed for a good long sleep.

This year our daughter decided to step up the appetizers a notch, and found 4 new recipes to try.  These along with the ubiquitous party-essential cocktail shrimp comprised our party fare.  I have provided the links to the recipes below.


The only two photographs shown there that I actually took are the shot of our television screen just after midnight, and the votive candles that burn across the manteltop, our only decoration and main lighting for the evening.

Here’s the skinny on the food, which is not conducive to staying skinny:
The crab dip was my favorite, with the leftovers being every bit as delicious.  And I give you fair warning to adjust the gin in the popsicles down by half – at least!

Did you celebrate the birth of the New Year quietly or not so quietly?  I’d love to hear if you have a tradition of your own.

But wait, S!  That's a nice catch-up of your holiday weekend, BUT your title says that this is Memorandum Monday, created by Sian @ FromHighInTheSky.  And while sharing recipes is new, surely there is a fun obscure fact that you could share as well.

Well, of course, dear reader – you are correct.  I had to wonder why the popsicles were called French 75?  And it was explained briefly in the post I linked, but I did a little more searching for a little more story here at
Not familiar with French 75? It’s a champagne, gin, sugar and lemon juice cocktail first created in 1915 at the New York Bar in Paris. The concoction got its name from the French 75mm field gun used in WWI, which had a powerful kick just like this drink. According to the popsicle recipe, the frozen version equals about a third of the drink–just don’t eat it too fast!
Also, these cocktail popsicles are known as "poptails" and are not for the kiddos. So that's the memo! 


  1. We ring in the new year with a quiet evening here at home, just the two of us, and we're off to bed pretty quickly afterwards, too! Happy New Year Susanne!

  2. We stay at home too and celebrate the New Year together as a family. Although, I have to confess I didn't make it 'til Midnight this year, having been up at 3.30am to avert a crisis. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  3. our new year's eve is much the same. Happy new year x

  4. Sssh..don't tell anyone, but we were all in bed before midnight! I do like the sound of the cocktails. A couple of those and I think I might have made it to 12 without too much trouble.

  5. Oh I do like the sound of that cocktail - thanks for sharing that new bit of information!
    We went to friends on NYE. Ordered in some Chinese food, then watched a TV programme called Jools Holland's Hootenanny which is on every year - lots of different bands and singers. It's really good, then at 12 the programme has a break and you get live coverage of the fireworks in London and the sound of Big Ben ringing in the new year. I think this year we ended up going home at about 1.30am, long after my normal bedtime!

  6. Lovely fact about the poptails - and such a clever name :). Ours was 'a quiet Hello 2016 and now we are off to bed' too. Sending warmest good wishes for 2016.

  7. I was in bed like I am every year :)

  8. Sounds delicious! New Year's Eve and Day was just hubby and I, so worn out from cooking over Christmas that we opted for goodies from GFS. Yes, we took the easy way out.

  9. Looks lovely!
    I'm very ready to put away the heavy eating and return to a healthier lifestyle in 2016.

  10. What a nice relaxing celebration! We didn't celebrate. we were off to bed before midnight as having a one year old and a sick husband really takes it out of you! Thank you for your visits to my neglected little blog. Hope you didn't get any cobwebs on your face when you visited lol ;)

  11. Happy New Year Susanne...wishing you much peace, joy and love in this new year.

  12. Looks like a fun set of things to nibble on while waiting for those local fireworks. Ours are a bit noisier - although quieter here than the last house.

  13. I really must get used to commenting on posts directly after I've read them - I remember reading this as soon as you published it but clearly got distracted and forgot to say hi! I'm not a big fan of NYE and yours sounds lovely! I knew about the French 75 cocktail (a fave of mine) but not where the name comes from so thanks for that snippet!