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11 January 2016

Memorandum Monday: Is There A Plan For Sweet Sixteen?

It's Monday!  What's the plan, Susanne?

Well, there is a planner, if not a plan.  It is a faux-dori travelers notebook in the 3.5 x 5.5 size from Foxy Fix.  Here's a link to a similar one she has available now.

Here's a shot of mine along with the new Samsung Tablet I received for my birthday and a journal I picked up after Christmas. I was really excited about my new tablet until hubby got a new phone after Christmas, and the saleslady there felt the need to tell me that my "new" tablet was pretty old as tablets go.  Spoilsport!

The more mobile we are (and hope to be), the more I need my calendar with me.  The Becky Higgins Project Life desk planner I used for 2105 was just okay.  As little time as I spend on planning to begin with, it was folly to think I would ever take time to pretty up pages.  I will replace the calendar pages with new photo pocket pages and pass it on to my daughter who wants to try a small pocket album.

On the other hand, the home-made travelers notebook I have been using for notes has worked quite well. Therefore, my dori will include an 18 month Peanuts calendar (Office Max), another Eccolo notebook (TJMaxx),  the little supply holder from my current notebook and a free Hallmark month-by-month calendar to remind me to mail cards.

Have I learned anything new as a result of this planner?  Well, I have noted that all four birthdays in my immediate family fall on Sunday in 2016, not to mention, Valentine's Day, Christmas and New Year's Day 2017.  Wow - it will be a year of Sunday celebrations!  I have to figure out how to tie that into Project Life and Memo Monday posts, now won't I?

In other planning, I have already set up a new shelf for an alphabetic reading challenge in 2016.  You can read about the challenge here @ Escape with Dollycas Into A Good Book.  Here's the link to my shelf on Goodreads.

my alphabet-soup-2016-challenge shelf:
S's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (Alphabet-Aoup-2016-Challenge shelf)

I chose nearly all these books from my existing To Be Read shelf, including 3 books I received at Christmas.  I added only 2 new (still unpurchased) ones to cover letters.  For X - I chose a book that included Extraordinary in the title - and for Z - a friend has recommended Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  Substitutions are allowed during the year (a handy-dandy loophole).  Planning forward I included the first two books of a book club I am considering for next year - still mulling over whether to join.

Here's another link to a recap of my books read in 2015 - 30 in total.  For now, I set a goal of 26 for 2016 as I think there will be fewer audiobooks and more paper books.

That's the Memo from here this Monday afternoon - why not join Sian @FromHighInTheSky to see what the rest of the gang is doing.


  1. I'm slightly obsessed with my midori, I must admit. So it's lovely to see how others use theirs. As for the amount of books you've read in 2015, well I'm a tad jealous lol xx

  2. Delighted to see that your lovely own-made Midori is serving you well. Yes, your Sunday's are learnt going to be full - lots of blog options for the ensuing weeks :). Hope your week goes well.

  3. That sounds like a great reading challenge. I'm joining in a few challenges this year and have a post going up about those tomorrow. Have a great week!

  4. Good luck with your reading challenge! My planner is small- my life needs to fit in my purse. And plain jane, no added foofoo!

  5. I still haven't tried a planner -- I have a brain that remembers numbers like craazyyyyyyy ... and so I have never had to right down a date! Your books look good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I still haven't tried a planner either, though I have to admit it's not because I'm especially good at remembering numbers!

    Hurray to more reading of paper books!

  7. I've set myself 52 books again for this year, a planner sounds a good idea x

  8. I use my planners for different things - my daily pages are useful for keeping me focused tho'.

  9. I really don't know if I can commit to a reading challenge although I love the sound of all the ones I've been reading about... still pondering