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11 February 2016

Days of Our Lives–The Young & The Reckless

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we all have love on the brain.  Being happily married to a guy that is much too good for me now, I can look back at my first love and smile at myself – my silly, silly self.  Then I recalled I had teased my blog readers with the statement below.

“There is more to the saga of a break-up that didn’t stay a break-up that should have stayed a break-up because it would only lead to a break-up. “

Shall I share the whole story of what happened after my high school sweetheart dumped me just before graduation?  Go grab a Coke Zero or a cup of hot cocoa, coffee or tea and settle in, because I was not kidding when I called it a saga.

Whatever happened to Young Fred after high school? “Young Fred” was what my sister-in-law always called him, never failing to include the descriptor as if it were part of his actual name.  We had parted and gone our separate ways – attending different universities in St. Louis.  I was going to college full-time and working part time, and he was doing the opposite – his full time job at UPS too lucrative to give up because he needed to pay for school.

It wouldn’t be long before Ready Freddy (a friend of mine more aptly dubbed him later) would be back in my life again.  His romance with the gal for whom I had been dumped lasted only that post-high school summer.  Sometime in our sophomore year, we started dating again.  It was all very casual, very occasional, very familiar.  And . . . I should have known better.


There would not be that much sand through the hourglass of our lives before he very casually, and all too familiarly, upon the occasion of dropping me off after a date, announced we could not see each other again.  He was getting married!

Hold on, UPS man, back that big brown truck up!  Getting married?  Don’t you mean you have started dating someone else?  Smack, déjà vu - all over again.  Where is that Eric Carmen album, anyway. I would like to smash it over his head!

Could this be any worse? In a word, yes.
He was marrying his best friend’s former girlfriend.  Well, make that his ex-best friend’s ex-girlfriend.  Said friend had taken the news even less calmly than me.
The four of us had double-dated once or twice in high school -  that is, after his ex-friend had stopped dating my best friend, who had introduced me to Freddy.  I only hoped she had never dated Ready Freddy – believe me, I didn’t want to know.

You are now seeing the soap opera parallels, aren’t you?

If Fred is The Young in this soap opera, that leaves 19 year old S as The Reckless (or in S vernacular – Silly, Stupid, Soft in the head and/or heart).   Or maybe it was reversed . . .and I suffered mainly from the naiveté of  youth?  I would like to think that recklessness and poor judgment on my part were spawned solely by the same on his part.  You see, he invited me to his wedding – not as a key participant, mind you . . .  just as a mere spectator.


But that, dear readers, is a yet another story for yet another day.  Soap operas are serial in nature, after all, (and not unlike crazy killers who just can’t help themselves).  Stay tuned. 

Part 2 can be seen here.


  1. You couldn't make it's like something from a movie. But joking aside, you are a credit to your own resilience! Clearly way too good for him

  2. LOL...loving your I would like to hear the one where you and your husband met.

  3. Wow, that's quite the beginning to a serial . . . hoping to find more episodes as I enjoy catching up on all the lives in blogland today! I'm assuming you're going to meet your sweet hubby somewhere along the way? :)