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22 February 2016

Memorandum Monday– Scissors, Tape and Buttons

Hi.  How are you this Monday.  Have you been round to see Sian@FromHighInTheSky yet?

Maybe not, it's early here still.

We had a busy weekend.  Friday and Saturday were spent at hubby’s aunt’s house.  The outside temperatures were in the 60’s and 70’s so we were in spring cleaning mode.  We can finally say we have turned the corner on this project – the cloudy sky parted and the sun shone through!

For the first time in months, it is possible to walk through the mudroom and kitchen and see the floor.  Every drawer and cupboard has been emptied; every piece of cut glass has been washed; every kitchen cup, plate, plastic bowl, odd piece of flatware and Tupperware container has been sorted into cardboard flats or boxes.  We uncovered quite interesting old tools and gadgets and calendars from 40 years back – yes, 4 decades ago.  Even in 1975 she had almost daily recorded the weather and other notes!  Old houses have very deep cupboards we have discovered.


I will snap more interesting photos on our next trip back there.  Meanwhile you might like to know that this aunt could have made one heck of a scrapbooker.  She had 8 pairs of scissors in the kitchen alone, and she hoarded tape.  We pulled 11 dispensers out of the kitchen cabinets!  She had written down bits of family history on pads of paper and in notebooks stashed everywhere, that I brought home with me.

Speaking of bringing home, this little bottle of buttons was in the kitchen drawer but came home with me.  We found many things in little pill bottles because she was a pharmacist.  I bet all us gals have little containers of buttons around the house – that never quite make it to our sewing baskets. I have a little basket sitting on the shelf in my night stand, which holds buttons because I just don’t take the time to open the small door directly under that shelf in that nightstand to pull out my sewing basket.  Tsk tsk.


So, you’re probably thinking: S, there is nothing new about that.  Well here is the NEW bit:  three hole buttons.  ODD! ;-)

I am pretty sure I have never seen three hole buttons, let alone sewed one on.
(Pssst . . . these were sewn on in a V-shape, not in a complete triangle . . . hmmm.)

It was the red buttons (from a red plaid garment) that caught my eye briefly and caused me to snatch the tiny bottle from hubby before he tossed toss them because there were so few.  Back home I dumped them out, dethreaded them and noticed the set of 3 hole buttons attached to a blue and white oxford stripe fabric.  I definitely see these white buttons lovingly sewn (not glued) on a layout about her.

Do you have any 3-hole buttons?  And at this very moment, how many places have you stashed buttons around your house?  Fess up!

Oh, and lest you think I forgot about the box of goodies, it goes to the Post Office very soon on it’s way to the reader who left this comment :


Wow! a National Random Acts Of Kindness Day, LOVE IT!!! Wouldn't it be nice if we show kindness to everyone, every day:) XOXO Yvette

Happy Memo Monday!


  1. Never seen a three hole button before - what a find! I too would have saved those buttons, you never know when they may come in useful!

  2. Glad the cleaning out is going well! Those 3 holed buttons are different!! And CONGRATS to Yvette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. When I helped my mother move her aunt for the second or was it third time I grabbed up her buttons and wooden spools. Now I want to see if I have any 3-holed buttons.

  4. Three hole buttons?.....who knew? ...sounds as though you had a busy but productive weekend xx

  5. Definitely never seen 3 hole buttons, I prefer 2 hole for laziness reasons of having to sew them back on, although a 4 hole button does look sturdy. I like your idea of using on a scrapbook layout for her.

  6. i shall be looking through my button jar now!

  7. Looks like fun to go through those treasure, 3 hole button, wow, I don't think I have seen one before!
    I have been on the receiving end of Random act of kindness before, and i remember till these days.

  8. I'll have to go looking in my collection now to see. There is a new book out here called "The Button BOx" in which the author uses buttons to tell stories about her family history and about social history too. It's been a best seller and I'm looking forward to reading it.

    That's quite a job you've had going through all that stuff

  9. I bet you come home with lots of goodies. She sounds like a really neat person just by what she left behind :)

  10. No 3 hole buttons here!
    And I spent the weekend laying on the couch battling a rotten cold.

  11. No 3 hole buttons here either. Sounds like you are finding some fascinating things.

  12. Oh yes, I've got three hole buttons in my stash . . . probably came from Grandma's button jar. I have buttons stashed in two places - craft room stash & sewing stash.

  13. I'm glad that you are making some fun discoveries in your clean-out effort. Otherwise, it would just be drudgery. Looks like you are making good progress.