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15 February 2016

Memorandum Monday–Away From Keyboard

AFK – did you know what that meant before the post title informed you? Probably, it is just me who is sadly behind the times.

For me, it is a new abbreviation.  I learned it recently because hubby is addicted to an online game where common courtesy requires you let the group know when you’re planning to step away from the dragons and dungeons and the like – you know, for safety’s sake.  He’s retired; he deserves to fritter away his time in any way he wishes.  I certainly spend my fair share of time frittering with my own hobby pursuits. February, in the dead of winter, is fabulous for frittering!!

Except, in February I have spent quite a lot of time AFK – away from [the] keyboard.  I wish it were scrapbooking; that is not the case.

First:  I was stalling on organizing our tax stuff.  My dread starts when those infamous green and white tax packets arrive in early January.  Even I could not get over the guilt of looking at blogs online while the stack of financial paperwork sat just 2 feet away – mocking me.   So yes, whining about it again this year; that is not new!

tax packets

And second:  tidying - not our house mind you – but hubby’s aunt’s.  We are getting ready for her estate sale, and it is v -- e -- r -- y slow going.  The fun part has been discovering some old books and admiring some of her antique furniture – like this piece. It will be the pièce de résistance at the auction for those interested in antiques, don’t you agree?


There were also brief flirtations on Ash Wednesday last week with the idea of changing some habits for the better during Lent.  I admit to then promptly opting to skip Bible Study on Thursday.  Not a good start, S!  We went instead to a local auction run by the company who will be doing the estate sale.  Hubby and I both thought his aunt had “better junk” than we saw there.  Aren’t we silly.

That’s the memo from here this Monday morning.  Do give Sian @FromHighInTheSky and friends a wave and let us know what new kind of frittering you’ve been doing.  AFK or not.


  1. Taxes are no fun ... but going through stuff at Aunt's house would probably be for me! LOL!!!!

  2. AFK is a new one to me. I can see where it would come in handy when online game playing. And I agree---who are we to judge how someone spends their own free time? Many might consider blog reading a waste of time. I am NOT happy that you have reminded me of the dreaded tax process! I have it all together, but invariably, when you sit down to fill out the planner, something is missing. You try to find it online only to discover that you don't have the right password. It's always annoying and frustrating---this tax business. I'm all for a flat tax across the board! I would be so much simpler. Okay, enough of my rant. Good luck with the "clean out."

  3. That sideboard/bookcase of your Aunt's is gorgeous - I bet this item get snaps up quickly at the sale. I find estate sales very sad especially when boxes of old photos are laying there. Ah yes we are beginning tax season but first we go through the RRSP season (retirement savings plans).

    1. Well, rest assured, this scrapbooker scooped up all the photos there. We brought them home to sort through, so the best ones can be shared with family. I do wish I could ask her about many of them though - some family history will undoubtedly be lost. And we are still finding loose photos as we clear out other furniture too.

  4. Never heard of that abbreviation before - sometimes I just have to guess what the letters stand for and my versions are VERY different to what they are supposed to be!
    That piece of furniture looks like it is a real collector's item - I hope it finds a good new home to live in and be admired.

  5. I have handed my tax matters to a friend to sort...I will gladly pay for the pain to go for your aunt's beautiful pieces...I will (shock and horror) probably end up painting a piece like a lovely French style.

  6. I've never heard of that one before. I learned one this weekend too..but it's not really appropriate for my friends' blogs and will never be used here: TLDR, which is Too Long, Didn't Read :)

    Have a great week Susanne

  7. I did know that one. Having two teenagers in the house who like to Skype with their friends has taught me a few things. However, the one Sian mentions is new to me so I did learn something. Have a great week Susanne and thanks for your kind comment on my biplane cards. It made my day to think I might have inspired you.

  8. Hi Susanne! I didn't know that one - I am WAY behind the times, but my kids keep me informed!!! Good luck with your taxes and getting your aunt's estate in order. You have your hands full right now!!!

  9. I did know that as I too play an online game, the joys of having retired!

  10. Oh my!! That antique piece is gorgeous!!!

  11. I admit I did not know what AFK meant before now! So glad to learn something new. :)

    I have our income taxes almost complete, just need to review it all tomorrow before filing.