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16 February 2016

Taking Note Like Missus Wookie

No doubt many of you share the look into Missus Wookie’s life on a weekly basis like I do.  I thought that I might try it again today.

Outside my window... Fog, that must have moved from inside my head yesterday to outside where it more properly belongs today.  It turns out I had a head cold coming on, and a little decongestant and extra sleep has worked wonders.

I am thinking... that there are quite a few little chores I should tackle today, none of which I look forward to doing, although the decks really do need clearing.

I am thankful for... the fact that the error message on the washing machine yesterday was cured by flipping the circuit breaker.  I think the detergent booster I started using is creating too much suds in the high efficiency machine and causing problems.

From the kitchen... lots of grilled veggies – we are working hard in trying to get 4 servings of vegetables in daily – that’s quite a lot. Onions and mushrooms and peppers, oh my!

I am wearing... pajamas (grey, purple, pink & black design), heavy duty denim socks, sparkly gold flats and a lightweight pink sweater that is just the warmest thing ever – I’m quite a sight!

I am hoping... to find out the next book in my friend’s book club today.  She’s invited me repeatedly and I haven’t managed to finish any book on time.  She may quit inviting me if I don’t shape up.

I am reading... the selection for the Simple Scrapper book club – Better Than Before by Brene Brown; (Thanks to Melissa for the reminder.)  To be truthful – I am listening to the audiobook.

I am busy creating... not creating much in February – but puttering a lot while listening and trying to get things in order for Calvinball in March – partially used kits and unfinished projects from the last year have been stacked neatly in preparation.

I am hearing... the furnace run, when I come upstairs in the early morning I increase the temperature by 5 degrees as it is set to adjust downward in the evening because no one is sleeping upstairs these days. 

Around the house & garden... like I said the decks need clearing.  Doing just that at my aunt’s house has me tackle some things around here – the laundry chute closet and laundry room cabinets have been made tidy.

One of my favourite things... Downton Abbey, loving this season but I am fearing there is a big sad ending coming for one character that even I won’t appreciate.

In other news... Simple Scrapper’s Photo Crush course starts today.  And I think I’ll be sorting through the boxes of Aunt G’s pictures first and then dealing with my own.

Our Weekly Overview... is short and sweet?

Monday: it was laundry and blog reading, all I could manage with a foggy head

Tuesday:  dentist appointment for me, and American Red Cross meeting for hubby (he is on the local board of directors)

Wednesday: lunch with the ladies I used to quilt with, should be fun and grocery shopping

Thursday: I have Bible Study and hubby has another Red Cross meeting (he heads a Services to Armed Forces committee).  If I have been good the previous two days I may be able to scrap.  Although I should have fit cleaning the house in sometime this week too.

Friday: Saturday: Sunday: No solid plans yet – maybe a local college basketball game and helping son with some small home improvements chores around his house, assuming he went and picked up the supplies he had talked about.

Here is picture thought I am sharing ...

This is my recipe drawer in the kitchen from last August when I tidied it. It wasn’t always even this neat – with discernible stacks, so now I have pulled it all out.  I have an empty drawer.  I tossed all but about 2 dozen recipes that I want to put into a keepsake cookbook.  Those cards you see there are ones I made up early in my marriage – and only about 6 of them survived the cut, because we eat more healthy foods and look up recipes on the Internet.  Many (maybe even most) of those recipes were desserts.  The cookbook “Cooking for Geeks” is my daughter’s was shelved with a few others I have until she takes it with her eventually.

That’s all from here today, I hear hubby stirring down in the kitchen. I guess I won't get completely caught up on your blogs after all.


  1. Enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved reading about your week/day!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sounds like a good week, I'm so sad Downton has finished.

  4. This drawer is an inspiration. Seriously! I need to organize a few drawer (and closets!) of my own. I hope that you've had a good week so far. It looks as if you'll be busy!

  5. I always like to find one thing to comment on in posts like this. It would have to be your recipe drawer. I go through my recipes at least once a year. No matter how many I get rid of, they still seem to pile up. Yes, I find many good ones on the internet and print them out. I think I'm going to just save them on my computer until I'm actually ready to try making them. Sounds like a plan!

  6. What a great look at your week! I just got the call that Better Than Before is back at the library and on hold for me, so I'll have to pick it up tomorrow and read quickly to be ready for the discussion! :)