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31 March 2016

Another Year of Calvinball Completed

Well . . . completed. . . that’s a bit of an overstatement in my case.  Here is my last layout of March 2016.


For at least the third time, I’m going to tell you this is the last layout from my March counterfeit kit.  And it will be true this time, because right after finishing this one, I put everything left, which wasn’t much, away.  This grid is all about using up the scraps of paper and that one fantastic camera journal card. 

I also wanted to clean up the studio, because my sisters are coming for a girl’s weekend.  One sister scraps a little, the other not at all.  But I was not sure I wanted either one to see the chaos in which I have been creating (just barely) this week.

In other news, puppy dog needed to be taken to the vet yesterday, after steadily getting less mobile since the weekend.  Diagnosis was that he had hurt his back somehow – not unusual for dachshunds.  A couple of shots and a few pills, and he’s popping back to life quite nicely and we are ever so relieved.  So after I stopped fretting, I enjoyed a little scrapping last night.

Today was about cleaning the house, and hubby helped out tremendously.  Now he will be disappearing tomorrow to spend time with his mom and brother, before the sisters arrive.  Smart man!

So, if I have any energy left after the sisters depart on Sunday, I’ll be hopping around to see what you all have been up to this week.  Where did the week go anyway?

For that matter, where did the month go?  Calvinball is over, I have done 8 layouts, and accumulated 50 points – p – i – t – i – f – u – l !!!!  To be near the top of the leader-board, one needed 10 times that amount of points.  Calvinball can be fierce!

I made terrible progress in working toward my goals of clearing those partial kits and projects - but in my procrastination I cleaned and reorganized parts of the studio, redid the way I store some of my stamps, scanned and sorted photos, ordered prints, filed away 50+ layouts and killed one kit.   Hopefully going forward I will be rewarded with a little more productivity.

But this weekend is not about productivity; not about Calvin & Hobbes.  No, this weekend is about sangria and margaritas with the sisters!!  See ya after.


  1. So glad your puppy is ok!! LOVING your page!! LOVING the colors and the photo!!!!!!!!!

  2. Super sweet page and cute photo. I love the puffy camera at the top cluster - so adorable! xx

  3. Hi Susanne! I love this layout and the fact that you are using up old kits to make amazing projects! And I am very happy that your puppy dog is feeling better!! Thanks for your visit to my blog! HUGS!!

  4. My sisters and I have a long weekend here at my house every summer. We just float in the pool and hang out. Of course, pool drinks are involved! We have so much fun. We're so lucky that everyone gets along beautifully. All 7 of us are heading to Italy at the end of the month for our first ever big trip together!

  5. 50 points sound fine to me! I couldn't even begin to think about playing Calvinball. My scrapbooking just doesn't "go" that way. So I'm impressed.

    Have a great time

  6. Fabulous page! Love the colors!!

  7. I hope you had a great weekend with your sisters!!!
    You layout is so fun and I love the true.
    I just heard about this Calvinball, but I don't know all of the details. I will have to check this out for next year!!

  8. That is a great camera journal card - nice layout! Hope you enjoyed the sister's weekend!

  9. 8 layouts sounds ok for a month although of course, I've never played Calvinball! But if all the procrastination brought around unexpected advantages in other areas, I'd say it was a successful month! Great final page