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07 March 2016

Comfy Cozy

Comfy Cozy – a Challenge YOUrself #27 challenge layout

Comfy Cozy-001 

Start: The challenge this month over at Challenge YOUrself is to use chevrons.


Story: “Looking back it is obvious, even to me, that this sweater should be considered ugly, but I did not realize at the time. It was certainly a departure for me to buy something with such a bold mix of patterns on it. Yet when I tried it on and it was long and luxurious, substantial in weight and breathable cotton, I had to have it. Perfect for the cooler weather of autumn through the dead of winter, I wore it quite often. It was a bonus that it just became cozier and cozier as it was worn and washed, again and again and again.

Cozy wins!

Years later, a comment by my sister-in-law finally convinced me to retire the sweater. I donated it hoping someone else also believes that cozy wins!”

Style: I started looking through my stash and grabbed the first papers that had chevrons on them that would work with the mauve and grey backgrounds of my photos.  As it happens, this line has two different chevron patterns; the green one is very stylized.  There were also two colors of houndstooth.  All very appropriate for scrapping about a sweater which included a chevron design and other patterns.  I added in the buttons, vinyl heart and faux stitching to mimic other elements of the sweater.

The hot pink coral alphabet was paired next to the calmer green thicker to produce a bit of a jolt.  In person, the contrast is even more jarring – not unlike that sweater, some might remark.

And of course, comfy cozy is also how those three people make me feel.

Stash: The cardstock is Fig Swirl by Bazzil and the patterned papers here are from Pebbles HomeMade Cottage Living collection.  The coral pink alphabet is also by Peebles.  The Thickers and buttons are from American Crafts and the wood veneer is from Gossamer Blue - colored with a peach marker from American Crafts.   The font I used is called Susanne, and I purposely made it grey instead of black - like it had faded with washing.


  1. Ugly is the judgment of the beholder and cosy is the experience of the wearer - I know which I would value most on a cold day! Love how your bright page celebrates something that might otherwise go unrecorded.

  2. This is a great layout! What a fun story to document. I would definitely go with cozy/comfort over looks any day!

  3. I loveeeeeeeeeee this! LOVING the title work and the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I would go with cosy on most winter mornings. I like pages about our everyday life. Oh yes, thanks for the book recommendation, I am half way through Nightingale - I am really enjoying.

  5. I definitely think cozy wins & I love that you've documented the story of the sweater with family photos!

  6. Beautiful page Susanne...we all look through the 70's and 80's photos and ever so slightly cringe :-)

  7. I had a woollen one in a similar fashion and judging from your photos round about the same time too. In those days my pockets were weighed down with piles of catalogue cards waiting to be filed lol

  8. I love your page, Susanne! I absolutely ADORE the photo and your cozy sweater! It is PERFECT!!!! Your layout is beatuiuflly designed!

  9. Cute page! Especially like those three little paper strips with embellishments to the right of your photos. (And I have several sweaters that I only wear around the house - they're comfy but not really fit to be seen out in public!)

  10. Great layout!!
    Love the "sweater weather" wood piece :)
    I have a sweater that is daughters call it my "old lady sweater", lol. It is in rough shape, buttons missing, holes where they once were, and paint on the sleeve...but it is so comfy

  11. I think it's a lot of fun to back on these days and wonder what we were thinking! i can imagine that at the time, this jumper was totally on trend!