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17 March 2016

Days Of Our Lives–The One, Still The One

[Editor’s note:  *Still The One, is a song by Shania Twain, and not a soap opera title.  Let that be your first clue that this story is different from prior installments.]

When our last episode of Days of Our Lives concluded, I left you with lots of red herrings about what was next for young S.  Who might turn her head by driving by on a motorcycle or dragging her out to camp under the stars?  What about the country-boy sailor or the soul-man drummer in the band?

Well, those other fellas, they had little lasting influence.  I barely remember their names, dating them briefly in college before I graduated and started my career in public accounting.

Ah yes, my public accounting days, I remember them well.  Back then, Big 8 public accounting firms recruited accounting graduates very methodically.  They lined up preliminary interviews on campus.  They sent you through cookie-cutter all-day interviews at the company’s offices, and if you lasted through all that, you would be offered a job by one of the firm's partners. It was orchestrated out in detail.

Lucky enough to receive several offers, I chose Deloitte, Haskins & Sells (now just Deloitte.)  The great thing about those St. Louis firms was they hired anywhere from 8 to 30 new accountants each year.  The firms were similar, so it was often the vibe you got about the people who worked there that guided your decision.  I liked the Deloitte vibe.


I began work with a “class” of my fellow (and female) new hires.  After weeks of office orientation, we were flung far and wide doing field work.  Most of us also gathered back in the office 2 evenings a week for a CPA examination review course that the firm provided. Often after work and/or class, we newfound friends would go for a drink at the lobby bar in our office building. We were living the young professional singles' life.

International CPA firms like Deloitte are built on a definite hierarchy, and on larger company audits the staffing would be in step-ladder order – a new recruit, a 2nd year CPA and a 3rd year “senior” accountant who guided the field work, until the manager came out to review.  There could be multiple staffers at the lower levels, so it could be quite a large group.  I was lucky enough to get assigned to two large audits my first year – one a bank holding company and the other, Barnes/Jewish Hospital/Washington University School of Medicine.

On the bank audit I met and dated briefly a second year accountant, but we were never serious.  He was a very sweet guy, who was very supportive when my Mom died.  Maybe it was my Mom having cancer and then passing away, that curbed my attraction to bad boys. Strong and steady character was becoming paramount. (Was S learning from her past experiences?)

Six months later, it was time for my second year on the hospital audit and the “senior” in charge was now a new guy - make it - the guy.  The guy was also the other fella’s roommate.  Small world at that international CPA firm!

The group of us on the hospital audit also did a lot of socializing; there was a restaurant bar on the top floor of one tower of the hospital.  It was then that I realized that the guy, in addition to being very smart, and looking fabulous in a suit and tie, had a wonderful sense of humor.  He made me laugh.  On the job he was very professional and a good teacher for newer staff.  Off the job, he was witty.  He made me laugh.  So we started dating, which by the way, was not against office rules until one of us would reach the manager level.  By the way, that was also never an issue with the other fella, no hard feelings involved – no soap opera saga.  (Maybe times were changing.)

I will admit (only now, not then) that at some point, I might have turned a bit sassy on the job – prompting the guy to call me the “worst assistant he ever had”.  Luckily, it wasn't what he put on my job evaluation - he had to give me sterling review as I was quite competent.  What he meant, of course, was that I was the least obedient audit assistant he ever had. Sorry, not sorry.  He would just have to take the bad with the good.

There, now the shoe was finally on the other foot, and it was not me who should have learned a lesson in love more quickly. (Hee hee hee - he's stuck with me now.)

The rest is history.  When we got serious I took a job at another Big 8 firm because he was definitely on the manager track at Deloitte.  Did I mention he’s pretty darn smart. We announced our engagement and then fate intervened.  Six months before we were to be married he took a job at one of his audit clients here in Evansville. I followed him over here.  I was smarter by then too - I knew:  This guy was the one.

our engagement photo
Our Engagement Photo

Just last year we attended a “reunion” of Deloitte employees, past and present, in St. Louis.  You would think after 30 years, it might be hard to reconnect.  But not so, we immediately fell into that same camaraderie catching up on each others’ lives since our good old days in public accounting.

By the way, we were not the only double-Deloitte CPA couple there.  Another gal in my class, found  her husband at the firm, he went into business on his own, while she stayed on at Deloitte to make partner.  And a gal in hubby’s class had fallen for her “senior” too.  I love reminiscing, but I wouldn’t want to actually go back to those days.  Lucky for me, I took the best part of it with me.

30+ Years later

He is still the one.  And he still does credit to a suit and tie (although he rarely wears them anymore). 

There you have it.  The last installment of Days of Our Lives – Soap Opera stories.  Life continued to be fun, but with less funny foibles by young S – and thankfully so.


  1. Ohhhhhhh I have been waiting for this story and you didn't disappoint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the engagement photo. Reminds me of mine and how young we once were!

  3. Oh what a sweet photo. Wookie's Mum informed him that the only reason girls went to college was to catch a guy.

    The title made me start singing the song so I recognised the quote ;)

  4. Our accountant here went through the same selection process. Here it's affectionately known as "The Milkround" though we have no idea why. You've got us reminiscing about the stress of it all now!

  5. It's a great live story! And a terrific engagement photo! I have a great story too, in a land far, far away!

  6. I's lovely to reminisce but I wouldn't want to be back there! Xx

  7. Lovely photos of then and now, and a great story and insight into your characters. So glad it's been a happy choice for you both ;). Wishing you lots more loving years together ....

  8. This is so very sweet! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  9. I have really enjoyed your "Days of our Lives" saga---even if I did get behind with it! I love stories with a happy ending/continuing! 30 years is pretty amazing these days. I have a few more on you---soon to be 45---but have no doubts you'll "make" it!! Congratulations. You both are still a cute couple too!

  10. sweet story. how lovely to have found "the one" and to have known so quickly. A good and happy end.