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11 March 2016

I might have, just maybe, been procrastinating

Don’t you love it that there is such a big word for doing nothing!

Well, not doing what you should be doing . . .

what you should want to be doing . . .

what you should not have to think about wanting to do to do.


This should have been a post about Calvinball.

Calvinball started 10 days ago.

Calvinball is 1/3 over!!!!!!

Calvinball that sounded like a good idea in February.

Calvinball that I kinda, sorta, prepared for.


Well, 10 days and 5 hours into Calvinball and I have few pitiful points.

My first 3 points were for continuing to “organize” my supplies – um, procrastinating with my supplies for the better part of the first week.


Then I did manage to do 3 layouts for assignments, but I can’t show them to you, so I can’t blog about them.  And when I wake at 2 a.m. do I run to the studio and start creating from the list of 3 more assignments I have or the stack of more than a dozen sketches or the bin of printed photos standing at the ready.  Do I even tackle a bit more organizing.

No, I decide to balance the checkbooks which I have procrastinating doing since I sent the tax stuff to the accountant. That's chain procrastination (or some other equally disturbing diagnosis.)


And when that was finished, I meandered around the internet and ended up at Quotes Hunger.
And now it’s 4:55 and I am patting myself on the back because:


What do you think.  Do I need to go and get my scrap together.  (Note the lack of actual question marks, meaning those questions are rhetorical in nature, people.  So you don't need to respond, unless you too are procrastinating on the Internet.)

Ah, well, I did use past tense in the blog post title, didn't I?


  1. hehehehehe ... i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can't tell you how much this made me giggle ... Yup, I'm right there with you

  3. Smiling in recognition and enjoying those great mini-posters. I could do with a set on my wall!

  4. LOL! Thanks for a good laugh...while I am sitting procrastinating in front of my computer ♥

  5. You make me laugh!! I am not a procrastinator. In fact, I'm the complete opposite. I want to get my "work" done because then and only then can I play. Throwback from childhood. I happen to live with a procrastinator and it drives me nuts!! I'm a "getter doner" and he's not. I'm a "right now" kinda gal and he's a "do it later" kinda guy. Not always the best combination!

  6. I hear you - I decided not to play this year as it would just frustrate me. I've already started thinking about NEXT year (on the presumption I won't have so much work or move house.... in March)

  7. you are singing my song, S!