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30 March 2016

Midweek catch-up

Well, my experiment in staying off the computer was beneficial.  After nearly a full week away from Inoreader, there were only 397 posts to catch up on during the coming week.  Time to power scroll through some on my tablet, I think.

I also tried to update my blog feed list on Bloglovin to give that platform another try before it was time to renew my paid Inoreader subscription.  (I pay to be ad-free.)  But I am not sure that all my subscriptions carried over from Inoreader. So I was forced to delete them all (one at a time unfortunately) and try importing again. So if it looked like I dropped you on Bloglovin, I didn't mean to, and I hope I have it corrected.

Was it mere coincidence that this article appeared in our local paper on Sunday with the headline?

I think not.  I do think that warmer weather will take care of this situation naturally.

College girl and I both upgraded our phones over the weekend – hers out of necessity, mine because I could under our current contract with little difference in cost.  I’m tickled pink.  Mine has a much improved camera compared to my previous phone and even my point and shoot camera.  I stayed with Samsung, but this newest model is now 4 generations better than my first smart phone.  The transition has been seamless (knock on wood) excepting for a small hiccup when trying to import photos, like this layout below, from my phone to my desktop.


Here is the pocket page that goes with the Nashvilling layout I showed you on Monday.  It will actually be a two-sided 6 x 12 page I will put in the middle.  The photo of the layout taken with my new phone is much better than many of the photos included, which were taken with my old phone.

I also finished two other layouts for assignments, but I don’t seem to be getting much more than my assignments done.  At least I am sure to only scrap photos I really want to have preserved and not let the challenges of assignments steer me to pages I would not otherwise scrap.

That’s all from here today, I’ll see you back here on Friday, with the reveal of our April counterfeit kit.  I have already used mine up!  So there really has been some scrapping going on here - albeit spotty.


  1. Nice to have you back. Sometimes it is good just to have a break. That was me during my month away! Your PL page looks great. I like how you broke the larger spaces into smaller ones. And how you kept the folder for your key.

  2. Unplugging can be a good thing sometimes. :) Your pocket page is great. So many fun details to look at.

  3. Love reading your blogposts, you have such a way with words. Love your pocket page! (and I really should try stepping away from my computer etc once in a while too!).

  4. Nice to see you back! LOVING this spread!!!!! Awesome photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love your layout. It's like six mini layouts in one!

  6. Your layout is lovely!!!
    I could have upgraded my phone as my plan was up a few years ago…but I won't be able to get the same plan if I do. I have a lot of data with this plan….and I may need it when we go to the cottage..have never even got close to using up my data :)
    I haven't been on my laptop during the days…I am revamping my craft room…oh my I have a lot of stuff, lol.

  7. Love your design!! Such a cool layout!!

  8. I've been away from my computer, too, so obviously catching up on some blog reading when I can. Hoping to begin posts tomorrow about our recent road trip.

  9. I really rarely manage anything other than assignments these days. but they are stories told and stash used up so I guess I/we should be happy. This is a lovely spread

  10. Hope you're having fun with your new phone and have worked out hte transferring of photos bit.