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23 March 2016


I did it!  For a brief moment on Tuesday evening, my blog reader was empty.  I had read and read and read posts – many of them Monday memorandums.  I commented on at least half.  I pinned ideas from a few.  And then I did something I had not done in a long while.

I closed the Inoreader tab on my browser so that I would not see how quickly the blog posts would pile up again.  Hmmm . . . breaking an old, old habit here.  Will it work "Better Than Before"?


I am going to leave it closed until next Monday.  I am going to stay off the computer, EVEN THE ONE IN THE STUDIO and just play with paper in the studio.  I am long overdue to play in the studio.  I want to play in the studio.  Just two weeks ago, the opposite was the case.  I have not managed much in March other than finish a couple pages started in February, clean the studio and procrastinate on scrapping with organizing projects.  I have come around now.  Woohoo!


I have all my layouts, excepting the last 4 there, put away in albums – a backlog of over 50 had accumulated.

I have some new music that I can listen to while scrapping.

I have my next project sitting on the island ready to go. Doesn’t that look inviting.


When I get some layouts scrapped, I am going to photograph them.  But, under no circumstances, am I going to do blog posts for them.  Not right away. (Another break from my routine.)

Because I would have to be on the computer to do that (and yes, I know I’m tempting fate with this quick post.)  Then I would be tempted to open my Inoreader and see all the interesting scrappy things you all have been doing, while you all have been away from your computer, which I wonder if it has a strong hold over you as much as mine does over me.

So here’s to a little willpower!  (And hoping that going on record with you all will help.) And praying (figuratively, not literally)  that my focus to concentrate on one thing at a time will prevail.  And if I do not see you back here before Sunday, Happy Easter to you and yours.  

Postscript:  If this little experiment works, I may have to try closing the Facebook tab in my browser too.


  1. Best of luck!! I definitely think getting off the computer for a while is a great thing at times. I want to spend more time in my craft room in April, so I may try this as well! :)

  2. That is great. I a, going to be taking a computer break too in about a week. You will love the Matthew
    West CD.

  3. Good luck with your week off the computer! After a week at home, I finally escaped to my scrap space and created. Felt good! Happy Easter to you and your family , too!

  4. It's such a great feeling when Feedly says, "No unread posts". Doesn't happen very often around here! Good luck with your little experiment :)

  5. Best of luck to you. I certainly love that feeling when my feedly says I'm up to date.

    I like the idea of photographing the layout as soon as it's done ... I'm going to try that

  6. Good for you! Hope you are not reading this comment until next week. I've found myself less and less on the computer recently as I've been knitting and scrapbooking in the evenings after work. This week I've been on holiday so done a lot of blog reading which has been lovely. Enjoy your Easter.

  7. I NEED to do a whole craft room re-do and planning on dedicating my time to it, this upcoming week.
    As for limiting my computer time…that is another unsuccessful goal I have been working on.
    I blog 3 times a week and take my weekends off…where as I used to blog every single day.
    Good luck to you on your goals :)

  8. Sounds like a good plan. Have fun playing with paper. Sometimes the mojo just leaves and it sure is great when it returns.

  9. I don't think I could... it calls my name... and I come running!

  10. I hope your time away from the computer was good for you and you got a lot accomplished. Isn't it terrible how much of our time we use up on it? What on earth did we ever do before we all had them? I am slowly, slowly catching up on my blog reading - I let it get to a ridiculous state and then was afraid to tackle it but here I am at 4:05 in the morning (been at it since 3) reading what's been going on in everyone's lives.