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25 April 2016

Memorandum Monday– New Wallpaper and Other Good News

No, not on my walls, but on my computer screen.  After living with a December free downloaded calendar wallpaper for 4 1/2 months, I finally found a new site for updating my wallpaper.  I used to download from Basic Grey and Fancy Pants Designs but those are no longer options.  Fancy Pants still has some fun older downloads of printables for scrapbooking, but they are not doing calendars.  And we know Basic Grey’s sad story.

Here is the site where I found my current wallpaper:

April 2016 - Good Deeds

And in the interest of spurring you on, here are a couple of other options I considered.

This cutie was another contender.


This one was fresh looking:

And let us not forget old standbys like American Greetings:

I perused some other sites as well, but most options were more photorealistic.  I definitely prefer the graphic look – like scrapbook paper – over cute photos of puppies and kitties.  Now you will know where to get a new calendar before next Monday rolls around.

Since I last checked in on Monday, it has been a week of variable speeds here.  I started out strong, wanting to get ahead on several blog-related projects so that I could start a new home-related project, but I ran headlong into obstacles and disappointments.  So I spent the next couple of days frittering away my time without a lot of direction or productivity.  I blame it on spring fever. 

This was the week the dogwoods came out in full bloom, and I slipped into flip flops for the first time.


Then early on rainy Thursday morning, I kicked it into “mission mode” and tackled a bunch of small annoying tasks I had been procrastinating – and that gave me a new sense of momentum, if not motivation.  Daughter ran home for a quick visit on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday was full of scrapping, and I also finished that home project I was talking about - major rearrangement of daughter's closet.  I freed up a lot of space in there which she will promptly fill up when the semester is over in just 2 weeks.

Also on the bright side, I finished this book:  I gave it 3 out of 5 stars.  I liked it – well, the personal story.  Not a fan of self-help advice books, I still hope to read more autobiographies and memoirs.  Her tips were mostly basic business networking principles, most helpful to young people just starting out. And her best tip is to always be open to opportunities that present themselves; she was and it accrued to her benefit.  I was pleased that she appears on screen @ The Five to be authentic to the person she presents in the book - gentile, intelligent, optimistic.


And in other good news, Susan Branch just sent out her spring newsletter.  Always a good read, although I could not recall why she called it Willard, until I clicked upon the thoughtful link she included to that back story.  I will not spoil it for you, you can read for yourself.

Her blog had disappeared from my reader mysteriously, probably on my last changeover, but I was reminded recently and added her back in. If you do not mind long enveloping blog posts, you will love hers.

That is all from me this Monday.  Do pop round to Sian @FromHighInTheSky and friends to see what their good news might be.


  1. I'd never thought of scrapbook paper desktops - you've got me thinking! I like the little birds (geese?) one especially. Always good when we can get something done after feeling derailed. Hoping it's a productive week for you.

  2. I follow Susan Branch too. It's one of my favorites just for how pretty it is.

  3. Loving the calendars!!! And that spring photo would make me wanna go outside! It's already hot here ... so summer is already here! UGH! :)

  4. The second one is just so cute!

  5. Lovely catching up with your variable speed week! The dogwood blooms are long gone here, so it was lovely to see yours!

  6. Flipflops? Wow! It's socks and boots here. I have never thought about changing my wallpaper, I just have whatever my laptop came with! Maybe I'll do something new now you have put the idea in my head

  7. Thanks for sharing the possibilities of wallpaper calendars. While I like the colours of the first one, it was a bit too busy for me, the third one is simpler, now if I could just change the blue to green, I would be quite happy. Oh to wear flip flops - like Sian, it is still socks with boots/shoes. I like flowering dogwoods - so white.

  8. What pretty desktops you have. I must look at them, and I'm not speaking to you! I need to pull out my boots again and my scarf, I'm freezing x

  9. What pretty desktops. I like Susan Branch as well, gave away a bunch of stickers and cut out sheets during my last purge as it really isn't my style.

    I've been admiring the dogwood here too - love spring blossom.

  10. You may not be surprised to hear that I have an Apple wallpaper on my iMac of storm clouds! All dark and dramatic. Love it. When I've changed it out in the past, I've also used the snowscape! I tried calendars but got irritated by all the stuff on my desktop covering up the pretty design. It's not something that really works for me but I have to say that I love the designs you picked out. It's reassuring to hear that you are a bit of a procrastinator too!

  11. I didnt know you could get backgrounds like that!! Beautiful. :D Thanks for the hug over on my blog, Hope this week has no dissapointments for you.

  12. I love Susan Branches artwork and her newsletters…and I remember why she calls them the Willard :)
    I really like the blue potted flower calendar
    Your dogwood is beautiful…mine will be awhile yet.
    I have been