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18 April 2016

Memorandum Monday–The One With Too Many Contacts

No, I’m not talking about Sian @FromHighInTheSky and all you Memo Mondayers!  I am talking about these:


The middle of last week I had my annual optometry appointment to get my contacts prescription renewed.  I was told my eyes look good – for my age!  Really, did he have to add ”for my age.” Well, that’s just the way things are now, aren’t they.

While I like a doctor that is very informative and explanatory, I was wishing he wasn’t when he got to the third thing on the list that was happening to my eyes.  Again, all completely normal – for my age.  In fact, he shared a funny anecdote about how one of them affected him a few years ago.

But, really, now – funny story notwithstanding -- did he not realize that while all that information made his professional rating soar – it was pulling down his likability rating at an exponentially faster rate.  Honestly, he didn’t even buffer the news with a statement like “you have the prettiest eyes suffering with presbyopia (blurred near vision) that I’ve seen ages.”  Hmm. . . that would not be professional, I suppose . . . . but I could have used a boost to my vanity.  I am not that old, after all.

Anyway, I have mono-vision contacts – meaning one for distance and one for reading.  He tweaked both and warned me that it could take a few days to adjust.  He suggested changing the type of contact solution I used too and provided me with a couple samples. Because I was leaving for the scrapbook crop that weekend, I didn’t wear my new contacts on the trip as my last weekend crop was affected by another contact incident. I did not want to risk a repeat cutting into my happy scrappy time.

So I started wearing the new ones on Tuesday.  I could immediately tell they helped with distance when driving, and with text on our big screen TV 15 feet away in the family room, and my up-close reading of books or my tablet.  But . . .

they were doing weird things when I was on the computer. That distance is about another foot farther than when reading my tablet.  And things weren’t quite in focus.  So I decided to try and figure out if it was his tweaking of my close-up or distance contact that was causing the distortion.

On my bathroom vanity, you see my old set of contacts, a case for a hybrid set of old and new contacts, and my empty new contact case.  I played at mixing old with new, and my unofficial little experiment proved that he had indeed tweaked both.  He had done so in tandem with one another – so substituting old instead of new, did not help in any combination.  The best vision, in almost all worlds, was with my new contacts.

Satisfied with that conclusion, I have been wearing the new set exclusively this weekend, and I can report that they are fabulous for scrapbooking!  So it’s all good.

I will call today to order my 6 month supply, because yesterday, in the den, I rearranged my desk, and moved the d*** computer 6 inches closer!!  I guess if it weren’t for my age, I would have figured that out without the experiment. (he he hee hee)


Now, I’m off of blogging and onto paperwork that has been stacking up since before my crop.  And  maybe a little musing about the good old days in my 20’s -- the last time I was told I had pretty eyes.  (Yep, it was just one young fella’s harmless pick-up line!)

Have a great week!


  1. Contacts that make scrapbooking easier sound brilliant to me! I giggled at your description of your encounter :). Wishing you a happy week, and please send some of that warm sunshine our way ..

  2. oh that dreaded "... for your age" remark! It makes me flinch every single time. Glad you are able to take it in your stride. My eyes are also showing the signs of age (reading glasses are a must at all time) but it's good to hear that you are still able to scrap up a storm! Happy Monday.

  3. Glad you like your lenses. I hate mine since I have to wear hard contacts because of an en disease. However, love them for creating.

  4. oy! The 'for your age' ... I am starting to hear that and it's KILLING me ... I'm like ... I'm not even 45 yet .. shut it up!! LOL!!!

  5. I've never worn contacts but all my children do as they love playing sport. Pleased you are finding scrapbooking easier.

  6. I'm lucky in that my optician is the same age as I am, so we can laugh about it together. Mind you, I wasn't laughing when she said that reading glasses over the top of my contact lenses was a possibility if my eyes got worse..Still think they are a wonderful invention though

  7. I was converted to mono vision contacts and I generally find them very good. Occasionally I have to tweak the distance of things I am reading. I have now also converted to dailies so no more solutions and cases. What a difference from the hard lenses I started with 35 plus years ago that used to pop out. Many an hour was spent on hands and knees looking for lost lenses!

  8. Hi Susanne!

    I just had an exam for new glasses and contacts even though I just bought new ones 3 years ago. Apparently, with my 'age', my eyesight actually improved. I was a bit unsettled after the money I had paid just 3 years ago and glasses are super expensive. No real answer, apparently it's a phenomenon, again the age thing! Ha!!

    I love your scrapbooks and cards. Such creativity. I tried but failed, I'm not crafty at all. I am so glad I found your blog though, you are so lighthearted and funny. My sister has a blog called Stamp For Les ( She does beautiful cards. You might like it!


  9. Oh I could not do the mono vision thing! Last year I had to get glasses after 13 years of no glasses or contacts due to successful Lasik surgery. I jumped right in to progressive lenses & I can see at all distances wonderfully. I couldn't find any contacts that worked nearly as well.

  10. I think I could adjust to the mono vision. I don't have fusion and use each eye independently anyways! Glad you figured out the computer reading. This getting older is an interesting process!

  11. comes with the territory for sure :) hang in there. need to do paper work too!!

  12. Ugh on the age comment - glad that you've sorted out the important reading and doing stuff tho'.

  13. do have a way with words and a amusing story :)