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23 May 2016

Memorandum Monday: Fabulous Finds of Unkindred Kinds

We just got back from a week away, so I have much to do this week in advance of a long holiday weekend coming up.  Just the same, I could not break my streak of checking in with Sian @FromHighInTheSky and friends on Monday morning.  Here are some fun things I can share with you now, before I download all 650+ of my photos, plus 117 off of hubby’s camera, from our trip.

You just might spy a clue or two as to where we went.

So now to the fabulous finds --

That started with these nail paints (polishes),
that are called cause-metics,
that have a higher purpose,
that is reflected in their attention-getting names (paint me tranquil, paint me non-violent),
that are also environmentally friendly,
that I have to admit I bought primarily because they were pretty and 75% off:


That would pack easily into one of these bags,
that I can see through at a glance,
that nest so nicely for storage,
that I happened upon totally by luck,
that were only $10 for the whole set:


That did organize the inside of this roomy tote,
that is all leather and made in Italy,
that I can only define as a bit of a spendy splurge:


That came in ever so handy,
that could fit under the airplane seat in front of me,
that hubby didn't mind toting when it got too heavy,
that nicely held these books,
that made their way home with us:


That is most of what I did not resist for our trip to ----
That place I have not yet disclosed.

(No, no, no, that would not be the house that Jack built!)

I hope this Monday finds you feeling fabulous too.  See you again on Memorial Day Monday, if not before, as I did manage a few warm-up cards yesterday, plus a good start on a final layout from my current counterfeit challenge kit.


  1. Ohhhh I am loving the names of those polishes!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the pile of books, you have hours of pleasure ahead

  3. Intriguing, is there a clue in one of the book titles?

  4. I think the job of naming nail polish would be so much fun, although I often wonder if one too many gin & tonics have been consumed at lunch when the naming began after lunch on some polishes. That is a lot of photos.

    I have a few thoughts of where you might have been based on the names of the two nail polishes but I vow never to be political on blogs (lol).

  5. I love things that pack into things and are carry-able by a strong man ... in fact I love everything to be carried by a strong man

  6. Usually, of course, I'd be zooming right in on those books. But there's something about that beautiful bag which has really caught my eye. Your trip sounds very exciting

  7. I have read lots of Jan Karon, you will love her style. The bags looks cute :) look forward to your amazing pages from your trip :)

  8. How exciting,I bet you can't wait

  9. Oh that tote bag is just gorgeous! I'm sure it was very useful for your mystery trip.

  10. I love your tote bag and those clear zippered pouches!!!

  11. Those zippered pouches are lovely and so are the nail polishes - great names. I always think that OPI give all their polishes such fabulous names. Have a good week x