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30 May 2016

Memorandum Monday–Let the Summer Begin (Officially)

I should not be saying that. We have already been traveling as though summer vacation began long ago.  It has really just been 3 weeks since college girl came home.  And three weeks was all she got before hard, harsh cruel reality sets in.  Because that title should read – Let the Summer Job Begin.

Today, Memorial Day, a longstanding national holiday remembering our fallen soldiers, unofficially marking the beginning of summer here in the USA,  is not a day off for her.  No, today she starts training at her summer job.  So before she became tied down to a schedule, she and I took off for a 2 day getaway to Graceland – Elvis Presley’s home.  (Surely, I did not need to explain that, but just in case someone was unfamiliar with The King of Rock and Roll, I thought it best to blog safe, even if I would be totally astonished that such a lack of knowledge could ever be the case.)

Just us 2 girls, just 2 days, just 2 much fun.

We stopped for lunch and fueled up for an afternoon of exploration.


First stop was in Union City, Tennessee for the Discovery Park of America.  It was filled with wonder for all ages.  What did I learn new there, Sian @FromHighInTheSky and friends might be wondering?


Well, in the space aeronautics display among cases and cases full of colorful artistic patches from the space suits of all the US missions, (which I knew you scrapbookers would enjoy, but of which my picture did not turn out) there was also this -- a plaque carried on an early space mission that explains to “inhabitants of other galaxies from where, by who and when that [abandoned space] craft originated”.  The plaque was designed by Dr. Carl Sagan.  You can read more about the Pioneer space program of the 1970’s here.  I wonder if anyone ever picked up and deciphered this message billions and billions (?) of miles from our earth – up there, out there.


Speaking of which, up there out there – in this shot we are high up in the tower of the center.  You can see it is a long way down.  There in the background is a replica of a pioneer village.


Here is another perspective verifying it is a long way down!!  Daughter and I recalled one of her middle school trips where there was a similar view from a Chicago Museum skyscraper.  She was not at all keen about this downward view either time.


Things were more settled down on the ground - note the grist wheel there on the side of the yellow mill.


Here’s what it looks like through a very strong set of binoculars mounted on the balcony at the top of the tower.


On solid ground, there was ample time for a little clowning around.


As well as ample time for quiet meditative moments.


There was nearly ample time to see everything we wanted before a storm blew up quite suddenly, so we headed for the car.  See that threatening sky and can you feel that wind whipping those flags?


But not to worry, it blustered through in short order.  Then we headed south toward Graceland.  But this is a holiday Monday, and you’ve already heard about pioneering off and on Earth, so I don’t think it fair to overtax you with a long post.  So I will leave the pilgrimage part of the trip for another post.

Happy Memorial Day as we remember and honor those who gave and give so much.

Source:  Fox News


  1. Looks like a great time! LOVING all the photos! Can't wait to see Graceland!!!

  2. Happy Summer to you.......great photos! I can't wait to see Graceland either! ps. I'd tried leaving a comment on your latest post but it would not let me. ? I really like your page, wonderful take on the sketch!

  3. Fun adventure for you 2 gals! Happy summer! Never been to Graceland- look forward to your photos!

  4. It sounds like a really great trip: I'm sure it was lovely to do something together before the job starts. We only have another week here before our student has to head back to Scotland for eight weeks of internships

  5. Your photo of the grist mill with reflection is postcard quality. How nice to have time just the two of you.

  6. sounds like you have been having lots of great adventures - have a good week

  7. She had a great start to her summer "job". Nice pictures-like her taking pictures off the bridge and you and Ronald McDonald!

  8. Looked like a fun time for both of you~ loved the pics!!

  9. How wonderful that the two of you had a trip together before the summer job began! Looks like it was a great time. Looking forward to seeing your Graceland photos - it's been three years now since we were there last.

  10. Looks like a wonderful girls trip :)
    I would love to visit Graceland one day
    Beautiful photos