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09 May 2016

Memorandum Mother’s Day Monday

I had a splendid Mother’s Day: I hope you did too.


Saturday we went to my Mother-in-law’s where her sons planted flowers for her, but her daughter-in-law (that would be me) forgot to snap pictures of the finished work.  MIL was showered with roses and candy as well.  After Sunday church and lunch at her house, (don’t worry her granddaughter and I had brought most of the meal with us – so it was little work for anybody), we headed home.


Darling daughter let me win at Scrabble (by 50+ points, mind you).  When dashing son and his dear girlfriend arrived we dawdled around the lake, and managed to keep Duke out of it, barely.  Hubby told me I should let you all know that is a big ‘ole slab crappie, I caught.  That is supposed to impress those in the know?


I too was showered with gifts – cards to my favorite places – Macy’s, TJMaxx, and because somebody is hopeful that I’ll get really savvy with my new phone – Google Play.  And let’s not forget the dark rich chocolate candy and the orchid.


So that’s a new thing I will be learning, how to care for Phalaenopsis, or moth orchids, to the uninformed.  I am quite looking forward to seeing if I can keep it alive through the summer, while  hubby and I tackle our reading list.  Here it is in visual form.


Are you sensing a theme there?  The plan is to divide and conquer – I’ll start with the novels, hubby with the history.

That’s all from here this Memo Monday – why not share with Sian @FromHighInTheSky and friends what’s happening with you this Monday.  I’ll be round to see later in the week, as today and tomorrow are booked. Toodles.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!! I love all the photos!! And that fish is quite impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely, family day. Paris? That sounds very exciting..

  3. What a delightful sounding Mother's Day. Good luck with the orchid. I always think they have such beautiful flowers. Ah Paris. I got interested in some of the history from watching Vikings (tv)as they invaded Paris a few times.

  4. I love orchids, the flowers last such a lovely long time.
    I'm thinking a trip to France is on the cards! Now what gave the game away? ;-)

  5. Looks like a lovely Mother's Day! I don't have much if a green thumb and have stopped with real house plants! The fake ones look quite fine to me. A trip to France in the near future?

  6. Awe-great pics (soon to be on a layout). Nice job at the MILs'.

  7. Looks like a lovely Mother's Day all around (the dark chocolate pushed it over the top for me)! And I hope your reading list means that you're planning a trip to Paris...

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day :)
    My daughter's bought me an orchid one year, it lasted longer than I thought it would with my black thumb, lol

  9. Seems like you had a fun mother's day!! Love the photos of your family!!

  10. Sounds like a great Mother's Day . . . and what a FUN game of Scrabble with such a big win. Some day we should sit down for a game . . . but I have to warn you, I'm good & very competitive. LOL

  11. Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day. The books look interesting, another trip with lots of photos to scrap perhaps? I admired orchids at Wisley earlier this week.

    Another scrabble lover here - I play words with friends too :)