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19 May 2016

Random Ramblings on a Thursday Morning

1.  More Of The Stuff I Did Not Buy: (But I was sorely tempted.)


Crate Paper’s Hello Love collection


Did you know Hero Arts had monthly kits?  It is no surprise that May’s kit has sold out - great stamp set!

2.  I noticed that since I spent time scrapping with my sister, who has a simpler style than mine that I am using up more flat stickers and cut-outs and it is very gratifying.  Thanks, sis!

Here’s an example – sorry the picture isn’t better – a little bit of mist seems to have resulted in a lot of curl to the paper.  I used up almost, not quite – but almost, the last bit of fishing theme supplies I had taken to the last crop.  This paper, excepting the cork print, is all from Paper Loft.  The cork is what will coordinate this with others I finished at the crop.  It is exhilarating to be working through that stuff so I can be done with it.

3.  Love this quote – it hit home today.
The language of friendship is not words but meanings.
Henry David Thoreau
Have I ever told you that I am one of those well-meaning people who can never seem to say what I mean in the way I mean it.  Sometimes what is in my head does not translate to what comes out of my mouth.  And I don’t always realize immediately what has happened because I know what I meant to express.  This can be bad.  This can be really bad. I can be misunderstood and others’ feelings can be hurt unintentionally.

Sometimes I say the wrong thing because I mean the wrong thing.  But that doesn’t get me in trouble nearly as often as saying the right thing the wrong way. Sometimes it’s because I speak too quickly and have not chosen my words carefully, sometimes I have chosen my words too carefully and they are still not quite right.  This happened twice to me in the last couple of days – one instance of each.  I hate myself when it happens, and doubly so today.

My closest friends have figured out that if something I said doesn’t sound like something they think I would mean, they give me one of those looks, and I know I need to expound.  I think that is less likely to happen when I am writing, because I go over my words several times when they have come from my fingers.  But just in case, if I ever type anything that you think isn’t right, shoot me “a look.”  Then give me the benefit of the doubt and just ask me what I meant.  Please, please ask me. Give me the chance to clarify and even apologize – sooner rather than later – before you stew about it unnecessarily.  Because I will apologize if I messed up – promise.

I wish I could always say the right thing in the right way.  How does one learn to do that? (At the seminary or convent, perhaps?)

4.  I felt compelled to post a comment to Instagram for the first time in ages:


Really, you have got to know when to leave a good thing alone. You've just made yourself more anonymous and less distinctive. Not a good thing.

It is Facebook that owns Instagram right, and not Google?  This logo makes me think they are part of Google.  Or worse yet, it looks more like a power on/off button than a camera.  Just me being analytical, opinionated and not at all worried that they will listen and then could be offended.

It is less interesting to me even though I like color – a lot.  Maybe they need to talk to those that tried to mess with a proven winner and introduce a new Coke in its place!  Hmmm . . . I wonder if they will apologize when they realize they have messed up.

Perhaps you disagree.  What say you - thumbs up or down?


  1. I loveeeeeeeee your lo!!!!! LOVING the photos and the colors!! AND I have the SAME EXACT problem with my words ... I have made my family promise not to laugh at me when I say the wrong words ... it is so frustrating :( And I am not sure about FB/Instagram ... I know that you can share from Instagram to FB ... but not the other way around -- and I know that one guy created Instagram, but he has since sold it, just not sure to who ....

  2. I like the heart paper - oh I would be so tempted. Ah words, I head nodded a lot to your comment. Communication is so hard for us & yet we have so many words & methods to do just that. As for the instagram icon, I am not a user/follower of it - I am quite uncomfortable with all the (over) sharing & not owning 100% what I could post on instagram.

  3. Thumbs down on the new Instagram logo but I guess I'll eventually get used to it. Thanks for the quote you shared - perhaps it will turn up on one of my pages soon. I didn't know that Hero Arts had monthly kits but I'm going to try and forget now as I've done a little more shopping than I should lately. Yay to you for powering through some supplies - like that page too!