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06 June 2016

Memo Monday - Too Many Tabs, Not Enough Indexes

My mind these days is cluttered with this sort of stuff – overload of the unimportant. Distracted!


Yes, this card is spot on this past week.  Me and my computer are not sympatico.  It is not the computer’s fault – it is mine. That in itself is not new, but the details of my tale of woe are.

My blog reader,  Inoreader,  which has been so easy to learn and so very reliable had a dual system crash over the long holiday weekend, which did not bother me in the least.  I accepted their overly technical explanation well before they extended my subscription in a goodwill gesture partly because of the cute illustrations they always use. Honestly, I just don’t get worked up about outages (and a good thing too, because our power went out the very next day.)


Anyhow, they were going to reload all the content, and if I was just a little bit patient, it would all come back.  “Ha!” – you’re thinking – “S, patient?  No way!”

Believe it or not, I was.  In fact, I let several days go by, and then realized there were more posts there in my reader than should have been possible.  No problem, I thought, I can just mark anything older than three days as read and I’ll be roughly back to where I left off.  Easy peasy, just a click with the mouse, a scroll with the wheel, and another click and voila – good as new.  But . . .

“Ha!” – you’re thinking – “we knew there was a but, S!”

Yes, S cannot scroll so well or click so accurately when S’s clicking and scrolling finger is bandaged after removing a splinter.  (Said bandage would not have been necessary if S had put in her contacts first or worn cheaters when trying to remove the splinter in a very early morning, half awake moment.  Because of course, the splinter splintered into 4 little pieces instead of one.)

bandaid1But I digress, so back to blog reading – I had messed up any chance of backtracking on Inoreader because I marked all posts as read by mistake.  I think the technical term for this situation is PHOOEY!!

Not to worry, I thought I could catch up with the Monday crowd next Monday when Sian will have a tidy little list in her post.  And I can tell on myself in a blog post, get some benefit from my suffering – and even a little pity too.

Except all that would imply that I really understood the shortcomings of having low technical skills.  As it turned out, between drafting this post on Friday, and posting it on Monday, a bunch of older (3 weeks+) have turned up in my reader again and I even commented on a few before realizing their age. From where did they come?  Cyberspace, I say quite knowingly. (To which you reply, phooey!!)


But you know, these irritating things don’t happen in a vacuum, no, they beget themselves.  No sooner than the bandaid was ready to come off the splinter finger, than the FRTGBV typing finger on my other hand managed to find itself bound by a bandaid because it was hanging out under the bread knife when I was slicing some rolls.  A minor inconvenience, I thought, until I was trying to type quickly . . . and that simply does not work out. I wasted a lot of time, and even I didn’t have sympathy for myself.

I did try taking a picture of my two index fingers all bundled up, but that doesn't work out either.

“Ha” – you’re thinking – “S, just get off the dang computer, why don’t you?”

“Aha” – I’m thinking –“why didn’t I think of that!”

PS  Don’t you worry, I’m stubborn, I’ll be back to see what Sian @FromHighInTheSky and friends are up to soon.  And I promise to work on a more informative post for next week.  Right after I slice up some bread for breakfast. 


  1. Technology drives me crazy sometimes and can cause me to waste so much time and energy. Sorry about the fingers - hope they are healing well.

  2. I suggest stepping away from computer .... And have a coffee, or maybe something strong xx

  3. I'm sorry to hear about all of your mishaps! I hope your injuries are better soon!

  4. Sorry to hear that the plasters have been necessary!

    I wish I could say another Reader is definitely the answer..but feedly has been causing me all kinds of problems lately too. At least it's free, though. I'm so tech challenged that if they started charging me, I'd go back to writing my favourites down in a notebook, which is what I did the day I discovered what a scrapbooking blog actually was!

  5. Ouch! Sounds like you've been a bit accident prone - step away from any sharp implements!
    Hope all your technical issues are soon sorted out, sometimes it easier to just 'mark all as read' and start again!

  6. Ouch! Your poor finger! :( And computers ... oy! LOL!! :)

  7. Just keep repeating ... "technology is my friend, technology is my friend" Hope your finger heals quickly. Wishing you a better end to the week than the start seems to have been.

  8. Computers have a way of swinging between being the devil and being the best thing since sliced bread depending on my mood! Sorry your fingers seemed to have suffered the most