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27 June 2016

Memorandum Monday–Half a Year Gone

Waving a friendly hello at Sian @FromHighInTheSky and her merry band of Monday bloggers, while I sit here in disbelief that nearly half the year is gone.

The accountant in me wants to tick off a list of accomplishments thus far in 2016.  I want to finish up stuff so that I can move on to the next 6 months, having “closed the books” on the first 183 days.

Here are some projects that fit the bill.  These are layouts from classes I took at Creating Keepsakes back in early April.  I’d show you the class examples except that I’m sure that is not allowed.


This first one was from a class by Keller’s Creations.  I really like their coloring journal cards.  Did you notice my restraint in adding only yellow.  Their sketch did nothing for me, so I took those nesting circles and did my own thing.  The banners were from a related company called Jilly Girl.   I added the washi tapes by Bee 2 Creative and Gossamer Blue, the buttons by Fancy Pants and the enamel dots from Basic Grey (because I wasn’t in the mood to sew all those buttons.)  It turned out a fun and happy layout, so it’s all good.

By happy accident, I typed "playout" just then and corrected it.  But, on second thought, a playout is exactly what this is.


Next up was a layout designed by Nicole Harper.  Here I loved the sketch, but I switched out accessories to better fit a holiday photo rather than the everyday type of photo she used.  I used #wish instead of #today, and photo corners on the original old photo.


The only problem with my substituting and adding more journaling than she is that I lost the effect of the splatter in the bottom right corner.  Oh well, you can see a drip or two there.


This last layout I thought I would never use – how many pages call for a giraffe die-cut that tall?  As it turns out, I had pictures left from a visit to the St. Louis Zoo where I snapped the art and architecture.  So I was able to the stretch the paper and supplies given for a one page layout to two by cutting the patterned sheet into two and adding some Tim Holtz tickets and 7 Gypsies brads. 
I felt the most accomplishment getting this class page used.  The real secret to getting all these projects done in June was allowing myself, that is limiting myself, to only use photos that were already printed.  But you probably already know that trick.

So what’s new you ask?  I had a revelation that my most fun scrapbooking is not always my best scrapbooking.  I need to guard against perfection at the price of pleasure.  I need to strive less for perfection and embrace the fun of "playouts".

Now I’d better get scrapping; I would not want to start the second half of the year behind schedule.  Speaking of schedule, I have managed to send a Memorandum every Monday (save one) for six months.  It might be time to go to every other Monday, because Memo Mondays are about what’s new, but I am having more and more déjà vu moments while blogging.  So if I don't think it is new, you won't either.  If you don’t see me here next week, don’t fret.  Just think of it as a "new" schedule!


  1. Loving all of these!! And I am shocked that half the year is already over ... time flies!!!!!!

  2. Liking all your layouts. It's great we can tweek them to fit our needs. I am one who doesn't want tge year to be half done. I wish lifecwould just slow fown a tad. Have an awesome week!

  3. "Playout" - definitely adding that term to my scrapping dictionary! Fun pages too - that middle one especially caught my eye.

  4. I love the idea of a playout, you certainly look like you've had fun.

  5. "Playout" is definitely involved in the best kind of scrapbooking, no matter what the end result.

    Wishing you a good week: we'll happily come and see what's new any old Monday you like

  6. I think PLAYOUTS is a wonderful term, and I heartily agree that we should guard against perfectionism. I, of course, especially love the yellow on that first layout, but all of these turned out wonderfully! Great job!

  7. Oh I could not agree more about letting perfectionism go - it, for me, is quite hard sometimes but I try. I really like that giraffe die cut. Not to worry, I'll check every Monday, just in case :)

  8. I agree with you about not everything has to be perfect....I have a sign on my craft table that says "Not every page can be a masterpiece"
    All of your layouts are lovely and I would say pretty darn perfect to me.
    I really like the middle one..I like how the colours pop off of the white page and the photo you used.

  9. Fun memories here and great layouts.

  10. These layouts are truly beautiful. You've done a wonderful job. I especially like the last one with the tall giraffe die cut. I can see where that would've been hard to use, but you did very well with it!

  11. Gorgeous layouts!! I especially love the yellow and blue one!! The colors are fabulous!!! I can't believe half the year is gone already!! WOW!! Hope you are enjoying the summer!!

  12. Hi Susanne ~ Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment today. :o) Love your "playouts" so much!

  13. Really lovely layouts, well done on finding a use for the giraffe.

    Thank you so much for all the visits that you did to my blog whilst I was away, I am only now just catching up with blog comments inbetween the laundry and unpacking, fx I will find time to blog very soon

  14. I love the idea of closing the books on the first half of the year! Well done for following through. I don't have many open projects to be honest but I bet I'd find a few if I went through my big pile of finished layouts (or allegedly finished) into albums! I have a couple of mini albums though that I really ought to focus on (I'm not a big mini fan for myself which is why they are still not complete - a learning point perhaps!)