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24 June 2016

Memorandum Not On Monday–Yet More Old

This post was drafted so long ago (but the last of the pictures not taken until today).  It was so long ago, that I’d describe its origins as the olden days.  And that ties in perfectly with the subject matter.


All our hard work at hubby’s aunt’s house was a labor of love for which we needed no reward.  But in addition to our sense of family duty carried out, we have a few tangible remembrances too.


As we were sorting, my mother-in-law (Aunt’s sister and heir) encouraged us to take anything we could use or would just like to have as keepsakes.  In fact, I had to stop saying that such-and-such was “pretty”, “interesting”, “unique”, “reminded me of this and such” . . . because she would insist I take it home.  Mostly, I did not!


I love flea markets and antiques.  I do so appreciate old things.  It was fun just to see “stuff” and hear stories that the items brought to mind.  There was so much about my aunt’s early life that I never knew before she died and that is a real shame.


Still I latched onto a few goodies other than stacks of old pictures and a great many buttons.  Having so much to sort through, I was constantly reminding myself not get attached or my house could start looking like hers.  Are you wondering what made the cut?


First of all, this set of mixing bowls was a done deal.  You remember me scrapping about the fact that Mom had a set just like them.  Now I do too, and will remember both Aunt and Mom each time I use them.  They will eventually be passed down to my daughter who loves to cook more than me, my mom or our aunt.


Then there was this glass girl with the basket on her hip.  After washing all Aunt’s cut and pressed glass collection, I wanted a piece to remember her by – and of course, this one suited me because I am a basket gal. Several of those history books behind her came home with hubby.


Aunt used dresser scarves and table runners on most of her furniture.  In the old, olden days her mother did much entertaining and we have pictures of some such gatherings.  She had a small cabinet full of extra tablecloths and other linens.  But what caught my eye was this linen runner draped across one of the tables in her living room.  I just love the edging on this.  I will use it from time to time on my dining room buffet.


Aunt also painted, mostly landscapes with barns, but still life florals too.  Hubby particularly liked this little floral piece.  We think it was an early work of hers, perhaps a practice piece, as she did not sign it.  We changed the frame to brighten it up.  Now it hangs over our kitchen desk.


Well, it is clear that I was in charge of sorting out her kitchen, because this Grandma Moses decorative plate that once hung on the wall next to her kitchen island, now hangs in my laundry room.  This is as close as I will ever get to hanging out the wash.


On the last day before the auction, I noticed this bean crock was used as a planter for silk flowers stuck high atop a bookcase.  I pulled it down, sneezed repeatedly in the shower of dust and wondered if she still had the lid.  I myself had sorted all the glass and pottery into boxes, so I knew where to look.  As I suspected, no lid.  Since it is in the same style as a Longaberger crock I have in the studio, I decided to adopt it even without its top hat.  It currently holds empty thread spools.

So there you have it, a little treasure trove. I can't swear there isn’t another trinket or two about as well.  I hope Aunt would be pleased that we now cherish these belongings of hers and remember her fondly as we do.

Have a great weekend, I’ll see you Monday with an updated memorandum.


  1. I'm sure she's smiling and glad you have a little bit of her with you xxx

  2. Some wonderful keepsakes. My mum had a set of those colourful bowls! Wish they had lasted to come to my house as they held great childhood memories!

  3. What amazing treasures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Such precious treasures you have of your aunt's...and each one has a memory special to you.
    I wish I had something tangible to remember my past relatives

  5. So FUN to see the things y'all chose to keep to enjoy & remember her by. I love that mixing bowl set - I only have the large yellow one that an elderly friend gave me when I helped her pack up her home before she moved to an assisted living facility.

  6. I love hearing the stories about why you kept what you did - I wonder what I'd want to hold onto from my mum's house. Hopefully it's many years till I have to make this decision...