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29 June 2016

Wonder What’s On My Workdesk

It's been a burst of crafting around here lately, along with a burst of organizing.  Can it be that I have finally struck the right balance?  Or is it just a newfound, and hopefully lasting, attitude that the best way to”purge” craft supplies is by finishing projects!!  And finishing supplies clears room to store other items less densely, which makes them easier to find.

This morning in the studio I noticed a corner of the shade on the skylight over the island had slipped out of its bracket. So I got my trusty step stool out to fix it and when finished I opened it up to the soft morning light.  Then since my camera on sitting on the island, I thought I might share a few pics.


Here’s the general shot, looking pretty tidy for me, blog planning calendar right in the middle.


Sitting on the paper trimmer is box of 30 cards I am donating to my sis-in-law’s church to send to their missionary abroad.  I just pulled ones that would fit their specifications from my stash.  This is less than half of what I had on hand.  One of the oldest in the batch is still one my favorites – a simple but stylish card made with Stampin Up supplies from 10 years ago I bet.  I had a whole set of these at one time and this was the last.


Next up is my scraps bin.  This was emptied this weekend – twice a year I purge the scraps by cutting up 4 x 6 pocket cards or 4 x 5 1/4 card fronts and recycling the rest.  It feels good to start fresh, and if I am scrapping regularly it takes about 6 months to fill this bin.

To the right of that is my July Counterfeit kit. For July, lucky me got to choose the kit we would counterfeit.  If you want other clues as to what is coming up you can check out today’s post at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog. I’ve already done 3 layouts from mine, but now am stuck on how to use the firefly paper.


Now here’s a shot more recognizable to you.  Here are the remains of my June counterfeit kit and other products that need to be put away.  Sometimes when I pull things out to put in a kit but then decide against it, I don’t get those items put back into stash right away.  Also you’ll see the stacks of 4 x 6 scraps I talked about and the box of baggies – reminding me I need to make just 10 more cards.


Of course, that will be no problem as there are two card classes waiting to be finished in my basket of pending projects under the desk.  That top one only needs to have the sentiments stamped for the cards to be finished.  Note that the red/green bag there is now half empty so I've been getting stuff done.  That’s all that I will show you today.  Unless you want to see what’s outside my skylight.  I will need to close this again by mid-day as it faces west and the afternoon sun brutally heats up the studio in summertime.


Hope your WOYWW is great.  I’ll pop around later this week to see.



  1. Thank you for sharing your desk and the view from your skylight.
    The Stampin Up card is great. I think I had that stamp too you know.... I must have a look if I still have it....
    Happy WOYWW,

  2. Gosh, you are super organised and really very productive. I love how you say 'only' 10 more cards to do.....that would take me a week, oh the decisions!!

  3. Oooh, I love the view of that beautiful tree through the skylight, it must feel like you're up in the tree tops :-). I am trying to finish more items in order to bash my stash too, though it has been a quieter few weeks recently. And I really like the grey/yellows of that lovely card - that's the one I'd buy in the shops!
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

  4. You've been a busy bee! Look forward seeing your next kit! Pretty sight out your window and get shading it when the sun gets there!

  5. Your red/green bag - I have a Christmas apron in that very pattern. I like your system of tidying & sorting & purging. Last week I bought a box of 12X14 food saver bags that I am going to use to start making up my own kits from my over abundant stash. I like your skylight view; mine craft table also faces west & yes it gets hot & bright.

  6. What a gorgeous view from your skylight. I know what you mean about how quickly the sun can heat up the room. My scrapbook room is the warmest room in the house during the summer and the coldest during the winter. I can really only work in it during the morning in the summer. Your desk looks pretty good to me!

  7. Loving your space! And that skylight looks wonderful!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing, wonderful work by a gifted & generous person. blessings, donna #9

  9. Love the breakdown of what you have going on. thanks for sharing. I especially enjoyed your opening paragraph. Very inspiring. Lovely skylight view. Reminds me of my maple outside my studio window. Creative Blessings! Kelly #32

  10. Looks like you are a busy lady :)
    But the perfect kind of busy.
    Love the view from your skylight :)

  11. So much to see Susanne and you are obviously going to be very busy. Great view from your window, I so love to be able to see outside when I'm crafting. Thank you for the visit to mine and happy woyww (slightly belated!) have a great week too, Angela x 15

  12. You look very organised, I need to have a good sort of all my scraps that I keep hoarding, I sorted the plain cardstock a while ago and purged all the teeny pieces but need to do the patterned paper now - a challenge to make x amount of cards from the scraps sounds a good idea. Have a great week!!

  13. The Birdseye view of your space is so fun, I love the skylight too. :) Thanks for the earlier visit, ~Stacy #51

  14. Love your space, and your view! Thank you for your earlier visit! #45

  15. Hey Susanne, thanks for the visit, you have been busy. I love an organise session, makes you feel good doesn't it.. How lovely to donate all the cards. I love the skylight view..I miss my old craft space that had a window.. Cx #39

  16. Hi Susanne,
    Thanks for dropping by earlier. You look very organised! And the view from your skylight window is lovely. But I'm wondering what you do with a blog planning calendar?
    Have a good week,

  17. Gosh, could hardly take in all your supplies, what you do with them and where you store them! Nice tree. We have been back to the church we got married in a couple of times, usually when our anniversary falls on a Sunday. Thanks for visiting me BJ#24

  18. Wow, organised and inspiring at the same time. I love the idea of a blog calendar but am not that far down my organisational journey yet. And don't talk to me about my scrap container!!! It's FULL FULL FULL - I guess I should work on that...