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25 July 2016

Memorandum – A Month of Mondays

Well, it has been a month of Mondays since I sat down and typed a Memorandum for “distribution” to Sian @FromHighInTheSky and all our bloggy pals.  There’s been much new in July.


Our 4th of July was pretty much rained out. Local fireworks were postponed and we missed the rescheduled session.  So I don’t have a single snapshot of fireworks this year.  We did find a few old firecrackers from last year and set those off for lots of noise and gunpowder smell, but no fancy light show.

Speaking of lights, those new fixtures we talked about now light up. Daughter, son and I all helped hubby, hoping to get them installed late one lovely Saturday afternoon, before darkness or rain dashed our plan.  We (okay, hubby) has been doing quite a bit of fixing up around the outside of the house this summer.  Next up is that dreaded middle ground – the garage!  We (okay, hubby) has decided it will wait to the spring – there is still lots of decluttering to do inside.

Photo Jul 10, 1 08 31 PMPhoto Jul 09, 7 22 38 PM

De-cluttering we did, here is hubby's car filled with stuff for the church's youth group rummage sale this coming weekend.  A good portion of this came from daughter's room, as she reorganized totally of her own accord.


Daughter’s car (named Emma Equinox) has been letting her down.  Emma, 2008 model year and 110,000 miles old, was chalking up ailments, including glitch-ridden electronics and a driver’s side door that would not open from the inside to let the driver out.  Given initial estimates of the cost to fix said ailments plus upcoming recommended maintenance costs compared to the blue book value of Emma (excluding sentimental value, of course), we were forced to exchange Emma for a younger model – 2013 model year, yet to be named.  College girl likes her new ride; and we like the renewed peace of mind that a reliable ride brings!


I finished REFRESH at Simple Scrapper. Not a member long, my best takeaway thus far was “getting permission” to let go of certain things.  Hence, I’ve taken my long-neglected Cricut Expression off my work desk.  I put it away to make more room for a stamping station on the right.  Did you notice that I use napkin holders at my desk to hold both my stamp cleaning pads and my cutting pads for the Sizzix Big Shot?  Sizzix just came out with a pricey little add-on to do the same thing. (Click picture to go there.)


Here’s a snap of the last bit of crafting with bits from my July Counterfeit Kit – one of my most productive kits on record.


As you already know, one weekend we visited mom-in-law in Central Illinois. After having visited that small town for more than 30 years, hubby realized I had never seen the local showcase house – an 1889 Italianate mansion originally named Maplewood.  It was built by a doctor and 3 generations of his family lived there through the years – the last occupant, a grandson, was also a doctor.


We were not supposed to take photos inside, but the docent knew hubby’s family well, and allowed me to as long as I didn’t post room pictures on Facebook.  I told him I’d be posting pretty details like these on my scrapbooking blog. To think that a house that contains so much craftsmanship was built in less than a year with none of the advanced woodworking tools we have today – that’s mind-blowing to me.


So there’s the memo.  With only 2 weeks until college girl goes back to campus, I am not sure if I will “see you” next Monday, or another month will pass by.  In the meantime, I will be looking out for your Monday Memos – do type one up for us, won’t you?


  1. De-cluttering is very therapeutic. I'm in the middle of another big reorganisation, and I haven't even thought about starting the garage clear out yet! It's never ending, isn't it.

  2. Loving all the photos!! Her new car looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Decluttering is one of those jobs that gets put off as it seems like so much work but once you get started it's not quite so bad and then when you step back and see how much better things look when they have room to be shown off, it's a job well done!

  4. Thanks for sharing all your pictures and what you have been up to. LOVE your clean and organized scrap area along with those fabulous 4th of July creations!!

  5. You were busy decluttering & well done to your daughter for doing on her own. Nice new wheels! Maplewood is a gorgeous home.

  6. It definitely looks like the kind of house I would enjoy. I love your collection of details..mind you, your own details are looking pretty nifty with those new lights. We need new ones here too. Ten years in this house and they are looking very tired.

    Wishing you a great week

  7. A most elegant house, and such great craftsmanship .... Golly, you have all been busy! I can never work out whether decluttering is exhausting or energising - good for your daughter on sorting her own stuff. Your desk top has a lovely mix of space and interesting items!

  8. A fun catch up post. That house is amazing! Such beautiful details. Nice new vehicle for your daughter. Lucky girl! Scrappy space is looking good!

  9. Sounds like you covered all the big doings. I love that you've discovered something "new" (to you) in hubby's hometown after 30 years! What a treasure. Especially like the embossed pinwheel paper on your card - perfect take on the inspiration kit. :)

  10. You have been busy :)
    Nice new ride :)
    Your desk looks great and I also use napkin holders for more than just holding napkins :)

  11. You've been a busy bee! I understand about getting a more reliable ride for your daughter. Can't believe it is time already for her to head back to school.

  12. Oh, I would love to visit that house! I can't believe all the gearing up for school already. I'm not ready to head into a busy fall schedule just yet. Always enjoy the peeks at your craft room!

  13. I need to de-clutter my closet and I keep putting it off~inspire me :)~have fun with your daughter!

  14. I'm just starting a big craft declutter - our new WI unit needs funds so a table has been booked at a stash sale and we all need to take stuff to sell to our next meeting - I am being ruthless LOL!! Thank you for the idea re: the napkin holders - my cutting pads are all just propped up on the table and when I move something they often fall over, I will have to keep an eye out to see if I can see something appropriate. Have fun with the remaining time that you have your daughter home - have a great week x