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09 July 2016

Royal Staycation

It had been FOREVER since I had been on my own for 4 1/2 days. I was at the end of June.
Hubby went to Canada for fish; our kiddos went to Michigan for a music festival with friends.  I stayed  home.  When not catering to every whim of his royal highness, Duke, I could do what I wanted, when I wanted, if I wanted. We had a stay-cation!


I had been looking forward to it for several weeks.  All the possibilities floated around in my head about what I might do. Hubby, bless his heart, helped me clean house the day before he left; he knows a clean house makes me happy.  Besides, I shouldn’t have to work while everyone else played.

What does one do on a staycation?  Well, first let me tell you what one does not do on a staycation:

  • compile a list of possible activities ruining one’s sense of spontaneity.
  • make appointments – unless it is lunch out with girlfriends (then twice).
  • feel the least inclination to do paperwork or use electric appliances like the washer, dryer, iron or dishwasher. (All of that was attended to the week before!)
  • get up at the same time each day, or wear their jammies for same amount of time afterward before reluctantly showering and dressing.
  • wait until dark to put one’s jammies on to curl up with royalty and binge watch [MI-5].
  • answer the phone when knowing the caller wants to follow-up on something they want from me (one is on vacation!)

What does one do?

  • eats low-calorie frozen foods that are quick to prepare, serve on paper plates, and clean up.
  • hopes one will lose a few pounds, and so orders a dress online – yes, a dress!
  • declutters more items to take to the consignment and charity shops.
  • finishes one audiobook and starts an actual book.
  • scraps, and naps, and scraps some more.
  • catches up on podcasts – but not on the treadmill at the gym. 
  • treats oneself to a box of chocolate covered cherries – because Duke isn’t the only one who likes a treat. (One wishes on Day Three she’d gotten a bigger box!)
  • putters around with boring old blog post drafts, deciding to finish one and delete many.
  • flips through the stacks and stacks of magazines that have accumulated over two years,  boxes them, recycles them. (One snaps a picture so she can cross that off her photo scavenger hunt list.)
  • spends a smidge of time on Facebook, but one mostly leaves the computer off.
  • scraps so much that one must purge an overflowing scrap bin and toss the 1.5 pounds of paper bits into the recycle bin.
  • straightens up the studio enough to make a list of projects pending. (Yes, one does eventually succumb to order and method.  Hercule Poirot would be proud.) 
  • revels in the change of pace.  One loves a little royal treatment staycation!

Oh yes, and one eventually misses one’s family – just not on Day One!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Alone time to craft is always good. Your dog is so cute!

  2. It's good to reconnect with you from time to time and it sounds like you did just that x

  3. Ah...alone time is always great isn't it? Sounds like the perfect combination of relaxation and activity!

  4. Ooooohh....I just love a staycation!

  5. See, low calories is where I would have departed form the list Right at the start. Whenever there is no one to watch me, I open a big bag of crisps

  6. It sounds like an wonderful staycation! So glad you started with a clean house & were able to enjoy yourself while the others were away!

  7. Sounds perfect. I had the house to myself for a blissful 3 hours yesterday. The first time I have been home alone for 2 months!

  8. Oh that is a perfect staycation. I like the idea of scrap & nap, although not chocolate covered cherries, it would have been jube jubes oh how I miss those. His Royalness looks adorable & good company.

  9. 4 1/2 days?! That's like every mom's dream!!! Lol

  10. Sounds marvelous! What a luxury to be able to make your own schedule. I adored your dos & don'ts list - hilarious! And to do it all armed with a box of chocolate covered cherries? A girl after my own heart :)

  11. I really love time alone. I get much of it and always savour the things I do not have to do even though I'm not really effective enough about making the most of the time to do things I want to do.! Lots of scrapping sounds fun though :-)