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23 July 2016

Snaps–On the Trail #1

We started a new adventure the first Sunday afternoon in July.  Even though it was not a sunny day, so not ideal for photography, we headed out among the cornstalks towering over our heads – tracing the country roads – tracking down barns.  Barns with quilt blocks – in Gibson County, just north of us - more than 200 on the trail. (Rinda, see the map!) I drove, hubby snapped, doing whatever it took to see over the corn.


The highlight of our first trek was meeting Jean, whose family has owned their farm for more than 100 years. She came out to greet us as we snapped pictures of her barn quilt square.  Hers is a Hoosier Homestead farm that’s been in her family more than 100 years – she has a sign tacked up on her shed saying so.


She lives alone, but not to worry: her nearest 3 neighbors – her 3 sons.  That’s how it is on family farms.  She has a lovely backyard where she sits and remembers, missing her husband. She says local photographers often use it for photo shoots. Beyond her backyard, cornfields extends for miles all the way to the highway.  She has 8 friends to keep her company – here’s one of those fellas.


She shared a souvenir with me, and we snapped a second photo for Rinda’s 2016 Summertime Photo Scavenger hunt in her front yard.


Her quilt square is titled Checked Popcorn. I forgot to ask her if she quilts or why she decided to join the barn quilt square tour in the first place, perhaps for the Sunday afternoon company it brings.


Then hubby heard his phone buzz;  a tornado warning had been issued.  We bid goodbye to Jean and skedaddled on our way, thinking it would be safe to make one last picture stop, only because it was at a nearby church.


Sometimes, the most interesting views of the barns didn’t include the quilt blocks. We are looking forward to our next day out in the sunshine (we hope).

Barn Quilts Tour-001


  1. How fun! LOVING all the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a great Sunday afternoon! Nice capture

  3. How intriguing - I had to go and Google your links just to get my head round the concept! Fascinating, and such lovely buildings, let alone the hand painted blocks. My favourite photos are of the peacock and the wooden wall with all this wonderful tools. I've enjoyed my visit to you very much today :).

  4. lucky you! I would have been all about doing that!! Thanks for sharing and you should be proud that Indie has the best junk:)

  5. Looks like a fun day! I would have loved this too! Great photos for the challenge! I only have 4 so far and have to get cracking now that Rob is on holidays for 2 weeks. I already am starting to plan the album. LOL Thanks for taking us along on this outing. :)

  6. That would be so much fun---to ride around and photograph barn quilts. It's even more fun if you can stop and look around. My sister lives in South Bend. I remember when dressing the geese was all the rage. I haven't been up there in a couple years, but would love to see some of the barns.