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22 July 2016

Visiting with Mary & You

On one of my Visits With Mary, she had a little Q & A that makes for a nice quick blog post.
1. What time did you get up this morning?
5:30, and that is my normal time.
2. Diamonds or pearls?
Both.  Normally I would choose diamonds, but I just inherited my husband’s aunt’s string of pearls.  Then last week, hubby helped me pick out a pair of pearl earrings to match.  The dainty earrings are one pearl each, topped with a diminutive diamond hung on a French wire.  Love them.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Gosh, I really had to think on this - The Martian.

4. What is your favorite T.V. show?
NCIS, although I also enjoy Masterpiece Mystery on PBS.
5. What do you usually have for breakfast?
2 pancakes with butter and syrup.  This a.m. college girl made chocolate chip pancakes, so I had two of those with whipped cream.  Yum!
6. What is your middle name?
I never liked my middle name, it started with an “e” and when I got married I switched it to my maiden name which starts with an “a”. (So yes, my initials used to be SEA!)
7. Favorite cuisine?
French cooking – small portion, rich sauces. My second choice which follows quite closely is  Italian cooking – large portions, spicy sauces with tiramasu for dessert.
8. What foods do you dislike?
There aren’t too many edible items that I don’t like, but snow peas come to mind as something I would push to the side of the plate.
9. What is your favorite chip flavor?
Grippos brand barbeque – they load the seasoning on extra thick, although now that I am trying to be good – Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar aren’t too bad.

10. What is your favorite CD at the moment?
I recently hunted down a couple of older George Strait albums – Carrying Your Love With Me (1997) and Pure Strait –a compilation (1998).  I like that there always seem to be some lesser known gems on each album.  I still need to find several of his older albums and pick up his newest one: Cold Beer Conversation.  That sounds just right for summer doesn’t it.

And there’s no better way to end this post that with a snap shared from his website:


Feel free to answer a question or two in the comments or in your own blog post - Mary won't mind.


  1. Your earrings sound beautiful. Chocolate chip pancakes with cool whip sound like dessert, I could eat dessert for all my meals! George Strait is a great performer, I love all his music. I got up at 5:30 for years, took me a long time after I retired to get out of that habit. I'm a late sleeper now but we now stay up later at night. Guess it all balances out.

  2. Fun post! I love how these allow us to know a person better. I like those Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar too. They are a healthier choice.

  3. A nice little peek into getting to know a bit more about you :). Pancakes for breakfast sounds very decadent :).

  4. Pancakes for breakfast - normal?!?! Can I come over???

  5. good choice in music :) He lives in our area of Texas :)

  6. Love your answers and may have to answer these questions myself.
    I love these questionnaires :)
    5:30...thats just crazy!!! lol