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18 August 2016

Exactly What is Etcetera

Or as the King of  King and I fame would say:

et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!

My blog friend Tracy is working on a long-term project to “defunkify” her crafting space.  She has done numerous posts and videos, providing some dandy ideas and needed nudges for me to do the same and freshen up my space.

Overall, my space is pretty darn organized and I keep it that way – except for when I don’t. (I thought that would make you chuckle.)  That’s when I am likely to toss things I don’t want to deal with right now into my ETC. basket.


One Sunday morning I decided to tackle it.  That is, after I took a few things off the top so I could move it to the desk without it spilling over.  Here it what it held – divvied up by how it was handled:

Trashed, or recycled if possible:

  • Sketches – most of the loose sheets in here were sketches, half tossed and the rest clipped together for future reference
  • Pictures of kits – purchased (I always print a content list from the website) or inspiration kits the CKC has chosen to copy.  Tossed all but one that needed to be filed – LY’s Gossamer Nov. Themed Kit
  • Printed lessons from CKC classes that I had finished
  • Miscellaneous notes of no further interest

Filed where it belonged:

  • 2 Project Life Cards
  • 3 Photos
  • 2 pieces of memorabilia – these first three line items were all unrelated in topic
  • 2 mini-prints from our trip to Savannah last year that I want to frame
  • Folders of longer classes (SU, BPC, Shimelle, CKC)– put on bookshelves, to complete in due time – need to inventory and prioritize these
  • Craft Fantastic jewelry making kit from LY Creating Keepsakes – now combined with current years and filed with class kits to finish
  • Baseball card-sized pocket protectors that I would use for pocket letters.  But I decided instead to cut down 12 x 12 inch PL protectors to 9 pockets, because then the pockets would be standard for 3 x 4 cards and not the smaller 2.5 x 3.5 size.  I gave these back to hubby.
  • Info on Copic Markers and a small pack of Copic paper – put in its own project bin.

Returned to the basket:

  • Sketches – for upcoming assignments and selected others
  • Free Printables – 11 sheets, I need to take them and scissors down to the family room for cutting while I watch TV
  • Folders of short handouts where I was mid-class – I need to prioritize finishing these
  • Photos of card class display boards at CKC for a class kit I need to complete
  • Free Archivers’ card class handout
  • Journal templates from Creative Memories
  • 2015 Page Maps calendar, kept for the sketches – my 2016 calendar is on my island
  • Reference materials – I put all this stuff in a folder near the top – color wheels, list of blog tips, list of scrap tips, kit construction checklists, summer photo ideas, list of Project Life kits by Becky Higgins
  • Stampin Up envelope making templates
  • And yes a few miscellaneous notes of interest, etc! (wink, wink), that I wanted to remember (but I did clip them all together)*
*For example, did you know that one way to help keep your embossing powder from caking is to put those little silica packets you get in purses and shoes in with your powders?
And there you see on the top, my studio to-do list.  What's at the bottom of your Etc. bin or box?  Do tell.
P.S.  A couple of days after tidying this up, we went to see mom-in-law and I had time in the car to cut all the printables up. They fit handily into this little project case with a couple pair of scissors and by the time we were home again, they were ready to bag up.  Now I just need to take the label off the front of that case, and then I can call it done.


  1. I have a fornow tray, you know "I'll put it in there fornow" Mr M once said to a friend that was visiting "We bought this house as a five bedroom, three reception room house but now it is an eight Fornow roomed house" Cheeky so and so!

  2. Loving the after!!!!!!! I need to seriously de-stash and clean my room too! With my weight loss journey I have been on, I haven't been in there to "sit" for long periods of time like I used to .... I have to much walking to do now! LOL!!!!!

  3. I don't really have one. Though I do have a great pile of tear sheets and leaflets I want to keep which I usually hide under my bedside table. I tidy it out about once a year

  4. You are really neat and organised. I wouldn't find my "stuff" if it was so well ordered. I just work in organised chaos.

  5. My scrapbook table is a bit over-run at the moment. I can't get up there right now, but it's at the top of my priority list. I, too, have a similar type basket that is piled high with things that need to be dealt with. I'm itching to get to it! The after is always so refreshing!

  6. Thumbs up! I wish I could push myself to tidy up the craft room!

  7. WOW! I need more than a nudge for clearing up clutter in my scrapbook room. But I am with Lynette - I work in organized chaos and it works for me most of the time! I love what you did with your etc basket!!! I am off to check out your friend's posts now . . .

  8. Your "after" photo is my goal! I have a (12x12-ish from an old studio calico order) that I toss things in and I never seem to get around to going through it. In fact, I just started another box so I guess it's well past time I clean them out and get things where they belong!

  9. Well done on getting so much done. I like the idea of cutting while travelling.

    I have a couple of 12x12 boxes that have left overs from projects/clearing down my workspace to be sorted. Otherwise I've put more and more sketches etc.into Evernote where they are tagged so I can find them, and off my desk.

  10. What a FUN little organizing project. My etc bin has turned in to several piles on the floor as I wait to move into my new space . . . soon, very soon! :)

  11. Loved to hear more about your process! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I have several etc places! I have the tiny etagere which houses really little things that are left over from my kits and a few bowls where I dump cards, die cuts and other such things. I try to clear them out regularly but every now and again I think i should just dump everything from all these places into a kit and see what comes out! You really rea way more organised than me... ;-)