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04 August 2016

Pitfalls, Perplexities and Perseverance about Past Photos

In July and August, I am earnestly working on the daunting task of sorting (and theoretically, purging) printed photos from the last 30 years.  Fully conscious of the fact that I have too many similar photos, poorly lit photos and duplicate prints, it is still difficult to actually toss a photo if my children are looking up at me from that 3.5 x 5 inch print of days gone by.

Also, I have fully come to grasp the pitfalls of not scrapping in chronological order.  If you find more pictures for an event you already scrapped and you want to scrap them in the same style, you will most likely not have those same supplies. That makes it tricky.  But to paraphrase that great scrapbooking philosopher Mick Jagger who once journaled:
“You can't always have what you want, You can't always have what you want,
You can't always have what you want, But if you try sometimes
- well you just might find, You have what you need.”

Now when I scrapped the nursery back in 2013 for a Get It Scrapped assignment to use bokeh paper, I chose 3 of the best photos.


Finding a few more that I could not bear to toss, I faced the perplexity of how to include them in the album.  Immediately, pocket pages came to mind, but my kids’ early albums are post-bound so that type of page would not fit properly.  Then I remembered that before pocket pages there were flap pages like these from CTMH, I no doubt bought for just this reason, but never opened.


Next I set about finding matching supplies, and was grateful I always record the name brand products I use on assignments.  I knew to look in Allison Kreft’s Webster’s Pages Recorded line for the bokeh paper, and found a sheet easily because I file by manufacturer.  I also had a bit of all three lace trims in a package from We R Memory Keepers and more of those Crate Paper buttons. Whew!  Hey, Mick – I had what I need!


Unfortunately, not that long ago I believe I tossed the American Crafts chipboard leftovers.  It is unlikely it would have contained exactly what I needed to continue the title, right?  I chose another American Crafts Thickers alphabet for that, and a cute felt layered chipboard piece as a fun accent.  The key here was to continue the major sight lines across the page.  At the top of the page, I didn’t have any more of those distinctive stickers, but I substituted washi tape in complementary colors and a sticker in the same bold aqua.


On the flip side, I kept it less cluttered as there were baby faces on which to focus. I am happy I scrapped 7 more photos, but the perplexities required considerable more time than 2 normal layouts. 

Payoff justified my perseverance, this time.  But let me ask you Peter Piper, how soon might I find myself perambulating again on this same paradoxical pathway, if I don’t pitch a great many more pictures. 


  1. First of all, kudos to you for even attempting this photo project! I have been avoiding that for a long time now but sooner or later it's got to get done.
    Second of all, you did a wonderful job adding on to your original page - it looks like it was made at the same time! What a great way to complete the story (and use up a few more supplies in the process).

  2. Who knew Mick Jagger was such a wise scrapbooker?! Love what you have done here. I know what you mean about having problems throwing away any photo which has a cute little face smiling back at you.

  3. That's so well thought through! And well worth the thinking because it works beautifully.

  4. What a wonderful idea! I love that you are taking on that task ... I tried once, sorted everything, but sadly haven't done anything with them since! LOL!!!!!

  5. Oh well done on perseverance and overcoming pitfalls. My kids baby albums are all in CM but I'm considering taking them out and putting them in D ring albums. Or digitizing them and printing... my dd prefers that idea as they are smaller and take up less room :sigh:

  6. I loved to read how you did, very interesting, and such a nice layout(s)!

  7. That's pretty darn amazing! It looks so cohesive that no one would ever know that the page wasn't completed all at the same time.

  8. Wow, great job adding to that page and getting so many more cute photos scrapped & in the album!

  9. This turned out perfectly!!
    I keep meaning to get to my older photos and make layouts...but being the procrastinator that I am, I don't have the problem of matching because I didn't do it to begin with, lol.