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10 August 2016

Snaps–On the Trail #2

Our second outing to capture quilt squares on barns, was on a sunny Saturday afternoon. This time our daughter came along; her real mission was to hunt Pokémon. Her dad decided he could multi-task at both kinds of hunting.


First we fueled up with lunch at a small-town pizza place owned by a friend of ours, whose hair might be sandy but his name is not.


Then we hunted around town, where the quilt blocks (Floating Stars) on town buildings, like these apartments,  aren’t nearly as picturesque as those on barns.


But Pokémon are more plentiful, and it does acquaint one with the streets of those little towns.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to base your quilt square on your corporate logo.


If you look very closely at your surroundings, you can find a few enchanting surprises – like this little vignette (yes, digitally enhanced) that belongs on a scrapbook page.


Then out into the farmlands we went – where we discovered “Home Sweet Home”.


Sunday too is a work day on the farm.  This next one is called Bear Paws, but it was the rooster that caught my attention.


Near the end of our hunt, we found an even more established Homestead farm than last time; this one 150 years in the same family.


But our gem of the week is this little place:  a quilting establishment with an inviting patio in the front and a lovely, light-filled shop behind called Quilts ‘n Bloom. The pattern of their square is called Ohio Star.

Photo Jul 09, 3 05 02 PMPhoto Jul 09, 3 05 12 PM-001

Daughter and I went in and chatted with Kathy, one of the owners.  We were not her first quilt square hunters that day.  My phone was dead so daughter snapped these for me.  I wish she’d snapped the huge work room at the back, which was light-filled to an almost heavenly degree.

Photo Jul 09, 3 02 44 PMPhoto Jul 09, 3 03 08 PMPhoto Jul 09, 3 03 14 PM8788501_orig

Of course, the quilt with all those chickens caught our attention too.  We enjoyed our look around very much, and all the while I wondered why none of my church quilting buddies had ever mentioned this shop that been there for more than 20 years.  Talk about your best kept secrets!!


  1. Hi Susanne, I first want to thank you for visiting me and the kinds words you left, so appreciated! Your photos are amazing.....Love the idea hunting for quilt squares....such a pretty town. I really enjoy the scenery :)

  2. What an awesome trip! LOVING all the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can remember when we first started being able to buy your needlework magazines here and being so envious of the shops I saw pictured inside. We had nothing at all here then, though we've caught up a bit now. This shop looks wonderful, as does the trail

  4. Looks like a fabulous Sat. outing! I'd be visiting that quilt shop! I love the piece with the chickens!

  5. Thanks for taking us along on your trip! Your photos are beautiful. My daughter and son-in-law have been Pokemon hunting too. Apparently I have two in my kitchen. They caught them last visit. Maybe they are gone by now?

  6. Oh my goodness, this sounds like a perfect way to spend the day.
    I Love quilt shops, they are just so comforting and homey.

  7. What a great idea to get out and discover new places in such an interesting way! Looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon.

  8. I bet this was fun~gorgeous quilts!!

  9. What a great set of multi-tasking, and that chicken quilt looks so fun.