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22 September 2016

20–20 Shopping, Near and Far Away

Want to see?  (Tee hee hee, get it?)

Yes, I was able to do a little local scrapbook store shopping.  Not local to my locale, but on the way home from my sister’s house in central Illinois last weekend, I visited The Scrapbook Factory.  I just decided to use the shopping cart that someone had left outside in the parking lot. 


Just kidding. Smile 

I was very good.  Okay, relatively good.  I spotted one collection right off the bat that I thought was lots of fun – The Reset Girl by Simple Stories.  So I picked up just three sheets of paper and the 6 x 12 chipboard pack.


The floral over text, the tickets/guest checks and the multicolor bird papers were all Reset Girl.  Then I went about finding some small patterns to mix in with them from other lines; it was an excuse to look at all the displays of paper throughout the store. (I write as if it wasn’t always the plan to do so.)

I chose pink mini dots, orange plaid, white dots on cream and lavender cardstock that just picks up that same color on some of the little birds.  I have really started looking at some of the more minor colors in a collection to pick up and emphasize.

I cannot remember the last time I paid full price for 7 sheets of paper – $1.10 each plus the chipboard package.  I reminded myself that I have lots of embellishments at home. (And I reluctantly listened.) So I almost stopped buying until I couldn’t resist a Christmas die displayed near the check-out counter.  (Dies are not embellishments, dies are tools!) 

All totaled it was $20.11.  I can’t remember the last time I spent so little on scrapbooking at one time when faced with such a grand selection.

When I got home, I decided to pull together some embellishments from my stash . . .


to complete a kit that I am calling – Plan on Impulse Buying. Winking smile  


When I checked the mail that had arrived in my absence, I had received my goodies from Evalicious in Canada that I won on the Stuck?! Sketches website.  Thank you both very much. 

I recently purged some of my project life cards in a RAK, so I thought I would choose a few of those with coordinating puffy stickers.  Here is my haul from my $20 gift certificate.  Ah yes, Evalicious puffy stickers – love, love, love!


These will come in handy for catching up with the many small trips I still have to scrap from this summer and fall – like last weekend’s. 

That’s all that is new to the studio this week.  Are you playing with any new scrappy goodies?


  1. I used to stop at The Scrapbook Factory every time I went "home." But ever since Southwest started a route from Nashville to St. Louis, I don't drive anymore. I can get a nonstop flight and be there in less than an hour for about $150. Saves 5 1/2 hours. Still, I need to just take a trip over the river and shop again. We don't have many scrapbook stores left. You found some nice things this time.

  2. I'd say that you did very well! Love how you pulled together a kit. MY LSS has just gotten in that Reset Girl line. It looks really great. I love how you just stuck to 3 sheets of paper and the chipboard. I am trying to do the same. Unfortunately I have been doing that for many of the new lines coming in. It is time to put the breaks on scrappy shopping over here.. Nice win also!

  3. You made a haul~looked like some JBS in there (rub-ons)!! Lucky you :)

  4. Nice haul & what a great rest stop on the way home.

  5. Love that you were putting together the base of a kit while you were in the store! I love shopping in person and being able to see and touch the products. And you know I love those puffy stickers too!

  6. Nice being able to actually see product! No LSS where I live making that a difficult feat! I am one who is happy there is on line shopping! Nice keeping your shpping to a minimun and what a great win!

  7. I'd love to see the Reset Girl stuff in person. I think I'd like it. I've never been in a scrapbook store!

  8. I ordered some of the reset girl stash recently and oh I love it

  9. Have FUN with all that great stash!!