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29 September 2016

Brightening Up Black And White Photos

In this previous post, I told you I had a single sheet of bright floral paper from My Mind’s Eye’s Collectable collection.  I did not have photos in mind for it, so I set it aside in the studio for more than a week.

Then I was looking for paper to go with this old black and white photo of my Mom.  You may have seen it in my Instagram feed.  (Need I remind you about my Instagram feed now that I am actually using my Instagram feed.  Consider yourself reminded – there’s a link in the left sidebar of the blog to it as well as to the Snaps and Snippets Facebook page which I actually use from time to time too.)


I tried various vintage lines like Echo Park’s Victoria Gardens and SEI’s Vintage Noteworthy collection.  But for some reason the photo did not seem to work with those soft color palettes – they looked dull and boring and not fitting for a photo that I just love.  Then I spotted that beautiful bright paper leftover from that class kit.  I decided to give it a try.

The only concession I made to leading into the picture with softer shades was using the grey swirling strip right behind her.  In a way, it echoes the road in the picture and adds to the story.  Good enough I thought.  The rest of the page then came together quickly, that is – until I hit the title.

Again I tried a grey font and a soft cream one, but they lacked pop.  So I decided not to waiver on my bold decision and found a red alphabet in a slightly old-fashioned kind of font.


I am guessing Mom would have been about 18 - 20 when this picture was taken, after high school.  And the song that was the theme of my high school class came to mind – “Do You Know Where You’re Going To?” by Diana Ross.  I decided to use a line I remembered, or thought I remembered.  As it turns out this is not an actual line of the original song, it was one in an adapted version my high school class used.  I like the connection between the two generations.  If Mom were still alive, this is certainly a question I would pose to her.  How did the life she imagined in her youth compare to the one she lived later on?

Not wanting to waste a single bit of that gorgeous MME paper, I whipped up these two cards.


Anybody else remember their high school graduation theme song?  And the accurate lyrics as well?


  1. Loveeeeeeeeee this! LOVING the colors and that photo of your Mom! And loving the cards too!!!!!!!!! I remember my 8th grade graduation song (and the lyrics too!) ... "Lean On Me" :)

  2. This layout is gorgeous! I love the bright colors with the black and white photo! Your cards are gorgeous, too. Way to go on getting that paper used up!

  3. Pretty page! I did check out your IG, but as it's private I didn't like to ask. I never do with private accounts cos I reckon they're private because you want it that way..

  4. What a great way to mix colour with a black and white photo. I'm awful at mishearing lyrics - so would be no help in remembering the exact words to songs that were around when I was a teenager in the 70s!

  5. Boy, you have a good memory! I'm not sure we even had a theme song. I love your layout and cards. Even with that bright, cheery paper, the black and white photo stands out. It is not at all over powered by all of that color.

  6. You couldn't have picked better paper or words

  7. This layout is so special.
    I love that photo of your mom and wish I had more of my parents at this age.
    Your cards are pretty and great way to use the left over papers.

  8. What a great layout to highlight that photo! I really like the bright colors!

    Lean On Me - my HS graduation theme song . . . & yes I remember the words (well, some of them at least!).