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03 September 2016

Sketches In Thyme #41 –Project Life Style

Start: This week’s sketch over at Sketches in Thyme – Project Life Style is this fabulous one:


And here is my card:


Style: I stacked three separate border stickers to create a single partition on the card. First I tried it in the center of the card like the sketch, but it competed with that line in the center of the collage next to it.  So I moved it up and to echo the proportions of the bottom left card.

The background of the title card could be either leaves or feathers, but the large resin feather points to the ducks on the lake in the picture directly below.  (You may not be able to see them in this small photo.)

Stash: Most of this is from my November 2015 Counterfeit Challenge kit, although that stunning resin feather by Mimosa is from last’s month’s kit. I had two in the kit and experimented on the first one by adding color with Copic® markers.  Bad idea – it really absorbed the color and was too dark – even for fall leaves. This one I used chalk ink to add just a smidgen of mauve and tan tones.

Lately I really don’t mind ruining a few supplies by trying something new. Playing it safe can be boring!


  1. That card of yours is just beautiful! I love the colours ...

  2. Very pretty - I really like the way the number stickers nestle so nicely into the scallops! It's nice to make your own PL cards and work on a smaller canvas for a change. Kudos to you for working with an older CKC kit!

  3. Gorgeous! LOVING that feather and the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That card turned out lovely! I agree, it's FUN to try new things even if it means ruining a few supplies.