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27 September 2016

Two Classes of Two Page Layouts–Not My Own Designs

But hey, those are adorable pictures of my son, for whom I can claim at least half design credit, right?  These are more pages from Creating Keepsakes classes – last year’s I think.


Sorry the pictures are a little wonky, believe it or not everything on these pages is straight, I am just using my phone for blog pictures these hurried days and it seems to shoot flat pages as if they are concave, or is that convex -- well, not straight and flat!

Don’t you just love the vividness of colors that Jillibean Soup uses on their papers?  If I ever need to buy paper again, I must see what their newer lines are!  Yes, right there, did you catch that – I admitted I have too much paper.  So go ahead, tell my hubby, snitch if you must.  But the insiders all know that he’d rather I buy paper than furniture – because I don’t make him move my paper around!  So there’s that.

Here’s another two-pager from that same class on clustering:


Can you tell I have been making progress on sorting old photos.  It is a two-pass process.  I tend not to toss many the first time around, and then go back and see if I can sort into groups by theme or time period or common colors.  The second pass sees a lot more pruning.  Yes, I have occasionally capitulated and wanted to pull photos out of the discard pile, but my sis-in-law is working on printed up her digital photos and fighting the same fight.  She is keeping me on track by reminding me that “the more photos you have the more you have to scrap” and “if you’ve already scrapped the best photos out of that bunch, why exactly are you now holding onto the ones you did not think were good enough then.”  It’s mostly working.

I have also made the decision that I am not going to scan these old photos (well, with rare exceptions) to correct for color or enlarge.  I am intent on just cropping them, scrapping them and honing my skills at strategically placing embellishments to hide things that in a perfect world my photo-editing assistant would have photo-shopped out while I was out shopping for more paper (but not for more furniture)!

Here’s one more two pager from a class the year before last using MME’s Collectable line:


And a single from the same class - there was misting on this page and it really warped everything:


Note that the class pages mostly used the geometric shapes and pattern papers which work well with pictures of boys.  Now what am I to do with a single sheet of the pretty bright floral I have remaining.  Stay tuned.


  1. Love love love these!! LOVING the 2 pagers!!! So fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fabulous the double pagers and all those cute photos, Perfect! I know what you mean with taking photos with your phone...I have the same problem. Enjoy your week!

  3. Love your layouts!! So fun!! Yes, I am going through my pics and trying to decide which ones need color correction. I guess they did not have acid-free paper when my son was we will see, wink!!

  4. I'm a double page kind of girl, so Iove these! Adoring the bright and cheery colors too!

  5. All are really nice layouts. I am rather partial to stripes.

  6. It's good fun looking at two pagers when I never really make them myself.

    I've discovered that if you go into edit in instagram you can tilt your photos and it helps to get rid of any distortion

  7. Adorable!! All fabulous two page layouts!! Love the clustering!!