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09 September 2016

What pops up!

What pops up in my blog reader:

Because I use Inoreader for reading blogs, and I doubt any of you do, here are a few quick fun links to blog posts I have enjoyed lately.   (Yes, there probably is a way to cross-post from Inoreader to  other social media, but sometimes that is all too exhausting – so let’s do it the old-fashioned way, in a BLOG post!)


Runway to Room: 8 Fall 2016 Fashion Trends Translated  - I like the navy coat and bedroom best.  Ballard’s also does a recurring feature suggesting finishing touches for rooms that readers need help decorating.



23 Delicious Dishes to Bring to the BBQ – Lots of temptation without all the sinning.



Back-to-School Reading List 2016 – Because it is that time of year, and Bas Bleu knows how to pick ‘em.



Whimsical Musings - Weekly Scrapbooking Challenges with an Inspirational Twist; I must find time to do more of these.  Lisa and the gang always present the challenges with great visual interest.


And then here’s what has been popping up in my photo file folder called BLOG STUFF:

PicMonkey Collagecards

Some cards I will print to use in my Project Life.


I purged our house of all the partial sets of colored pencils (sent a huge pencil box to Goodwill) and bought myself a single good set to use for coloring.


The Stampin Up catalog arrived and here we are a full week into September and I haven’t ordered a thing.


Maybe because I had picked all of these up at our local scrapbook store’s annual rummage sale – all that for $25 total.  Most of these sets were brand new or only one stamp had been used. Score!


There’s a popular old car gathering every year at the local 4-H fairgrounds.  Here is one of a string of cars leaving early Sunday morning for their road trip home.


Speaking of which, friend L and I had a day trip to an antique store and an indoor vendor mall.  This was the most stunning thing I saw.  I do mean the platter although the price tag will send a jolt through you too.


I spotted this painting of a barn quilt square.  I cannot tell where this is, but will cross-check our hunt list.  If it is listed, you know it will be a must find for us.  Here we are on our third barn trek one Sunday afternoon last month.  (Note to self: flip sunglasses up for selfies.)


Speaking of hunts, I have just about finished Rinda’s 2016 Summertime Photo Scavenger hunt, thanks to a girls-going-wild Labor Day weekend.  I had 3 more sets of eyes working on the last few. Hope to post it all soon.  Wait for it to pop up, won’t you?


  1. Loving all the photos! That platter is gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. You sure have interesting things pop up in your reader...and beautiful things too. Love your set of colour pencils.

  3. Great post! I won't be changing my decor to include navy! Love all those coloured pencils! And that red car! There's a santa die in that catalog I want, but don't need! That platter is stunning! Hope you can find the batn. Great selfie of you and the hubby!

  4. Thanks for the intro to the Bas Bleu site - I'm always on the lookout for reading recommendations although lately I haven't spent very much time reading. And today I placed on online order for some scrapbook paper, most of which had navy in it. I guess I am finally ahead of the game!

  5. I have ordered from it, but only one set/bundle and some jingle bells. Need to get ahead with some seasonal class planning. You got some really great bargains there. Such a cool car, makes me think of ZZ Top!

  6. I really like this "bits and pieces" post. There are so many interesting things in it. I like your hunt and the selfie--even with the sunglasses. As for Stampin' Up--I went through and purged many of mine about a year ago. I recently looked through the catalog online and resisted the urge to buy! But it did make me regret some of the sets I got rid of!

  7. Wonderful blog round up of things. I am with you on the navy blue bed set & navy coat & oh that navy printed platter would have been a treat to own. I am not a stamper (yet) but I must admit that Stamping Up catalogue looks very inviting.

  8. Thanks for sharing!! That platter is gorgeous and such a wonderful picture of you and your husband!!