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13 October 2016

Catching Up–Necessary or No?

So we’ve been back a few days and the laundry is the only thing “caught up”.  Serious jet lag has been going on here.  I had practically none when in Europe – maybe because I am an early riser or maybe the excitement of so many things to do cured it.  But I paid for it on my return.

The blog reading was coming along – you all have been quite busy.

[Post edited to delete 3 boring paragraphs where I drone on about how it was a messy affair trying to get caught up online.  Long story short - I zeroed out my unread blog posts, and felt a confession necessary possibly because of all the European cathedrals I have visited lately.]

I had done a little perusing of Instagram during my vacation, so if you are on Instagram and I haven’t noticed, let me know in the comments.  I don't know if a little heart on IG is as worth while on either the giving or receiving side as a blog comment, but it is better than nothing.  Or is it? (Too tired to ponder that . . . moving on.)

Sleep is more than caught up if measured in hours invested but still is not sufficient if measured in energy renewed.  But I did manage to fight off a scratchy throat that started the minute I got home, which I suspect is due to the dust thrown into the air by harvesting around here. Luckily I can credit Claritin for the assist, just in time for me to pack up and leave the cornfields of Indiana for a weekend scrapbook crop in Chicagoland.

[Second long diatribe deleted - realizing I am irritated at myself, and not wanting you to be the same.]

So let me leave you with a travel snapshot to make up for whatever blogging sins I have committed.  This snapshot was taken with hubby, who suffered more jet lag in Europe than me, and has not been immune from it here at home (although he exhibits much less irritability!). 

Here we are on the windy beaches of the Normandy D-Day invasion.  A brisk shower had just ended (see the drops on his glasses) and we snapped a selfie with the rainbow in the background.  Hubby got a fabulous shot of that same rainbow through a firing opening in a bunker.  I will share that and others when I get caught up with editing pictures – nearly 2000 of them – most of them still on the SD card in his camera.

I promise there will be no shortcuts in that process, although there quite possibly will be naps. What are you catching up on these days?


  1. It's tough recovering from a vacation - so much to catch up on and I always feel a little blue with the return to reality. Here's hoping you're back to yourself soon. I'm looking forward to seeing your vacation photos!

  2. I never worry about what I might have missed and will happily ignore a weeks worth of blogs and just read the most recent. If there is anything that catches my eye because it refers to something that might be worth reading I will go back to it. Life is too short to spend hours reading posts that are history

  3. It is always an adjustment coming back! Hope you are back to your normal routines soon! :)

  4. Glad you had a great trip! Look forward to seeing more photos. I get the jet lag. Took me about a week after my trip "Down Under". You'll soon be back to normal with fabulous memories!

  5. Jetlag is horrible. When we came back from LA I couldn't believe how bad I felt.

    I'll be catching up on writing some blog posts soon, I hope. I've been spending time looking after my patient here instead.

  6. I get jet lag after a trip to Montreal so I can only imagine. Rest lots! :)

  7. Welcome home! I'm one of those lucky people who isn't affected by jet lag. I use a tip that my friend/travel agent told me years ago when traveling international: no matter where you are, use that time and go to bed at your normal hour. It has worked for me--although it's sometimes hard to stay awake when it's 3 a.m. at home but 10 a.m. where you are! If I'm on the move it's better!

  8. Jet lag.....boy, did we have a serious case of it returning home from our trip to Israel. But it does get better. Naps are good. A trip like yours is worth a little jet lag, is it not? Welcome home!

  9. What a great photo ... I hope you'll be feeling more you soon.

  10. Hope the holiday was worth the jetlag - looking forward to the photos in due course :)