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12 October 2016

Finding Your Balance @ the Counterfeit Kit Challenge

Well, you have to know that when I saw the second challenge over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog was about balance, that I would be all in.  It is not about balancing numbers or even balancing your scrap time versus your work time.  No – this is about color scale balance and using the gallon, quart, pint theory for a pleasing mix of colors by quantity.

Here are a couple of cards I made to demonstrate the principle:


This first one has a gallon of pink, a quart of off-white and a pint (okay, maybe a pint and a half) of black.  It makes a simple card design quite striking when black is used even as the third color.


My second card takes the principle a little further by adding a fourth color in roughly the same proportion as the third – white is 1st, aqua is 2nd, and both navy and mauve take a tertiary position.  Again it makes for a striking card.

If you start looking a multi-color patterned paper, you will notice that they often employ this same principle.  So why not go try your hand at it right now.  Start small with a card – or jump in whole-heartedly with a layout or other off-the-page project.


  1. Both cards are gorgeous! The twine on the first adds pazazz and on the second,the buttons (in 2 colours) look super.

  2. These are beautiful! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great cards Susanne and I like that you added in one more color for the last one.

  4. Your cards look great with their gallon, quart and pint!

  5. Nice cards! I never thought about how much of each paper or color I use on a scrapbook layout. I probably use an equal amount of each. I'm going to pay attention and try the gallon, quart and pint approach. I don't make cards much these days as I have a backlog of them!

  6. I like the embossed stamped images on that last card, very effective.

  7. Nice use of colour, balance and design. These are two super cute cards - I need to replenish my supply of cards - these are very inspirational!