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07 October 2016

Guest Designing for the Stick It Down Challenge

Good morning readers.

9-11 – a layout for Stick It Down


Start: This month I am guest designer over at  Stick It Down, by virtue of being chosen for my August entry,  Here’s today’s sketch:


Style: I decided to do a page I had been thinking about for many years.  A long while back, I had downloaded this single stunning image from the Getty Commons of the Twin Towers burning on September 11, 2001 and printed it slightly larger than 4 x 6.  I used the two circles of the sketch to ground my main elements, photo and journaling, and then I set about adding symbolism:
  • divided the page in half to echo the twin towers;
  • added a messy overlay on the left, covering most of the sunshine rays, only a few show in the background;
  • sprinkled and smeared mists across the page between the two semi-circles;
  • let stars (punched from the paper and the transparency) float downward in this tragic moment  in our national history;
  • to tell the story in a timeline in the upper right, and added my own story at the bottom right;
  • 911 was adequate for the title, it is not only the date, but also the telephone number we dial for emergency help.
Stash: My Mind’s Eye and Lily Bee patterned papers, Fancy Pants transparency, Ali Edwards journal card, Scraptastic die cut, Jenni Bowlin alphabet, Stampin Up small heart punch, Mr. Huey mists.
Story: Here’s the journaling so you can read it easily:

“I was too young to remember where I was the day Kennedy was shot, but I will always remember where I was on that fateful day September 11, 2001.
It was an early morning start at the Susan G. Komen foundation. We volunteers were busy processing Race for the Cure entry forms and deposits when the news came over the TV. Stunned with disbelief, and unable to concentrate, we hurriedly finished up, and with words of encouragement to one another, we headed our separate ways. We all wanted to just go home, call our family members, and maybe feel a little safer.”

Do you remember where you were on that fateful day?  I bet you do. 


  1. Love your layout and the details---especially the ink. Sort of reminds me of the debris scattered everywhere after 9/11. I did a whole album after that fateful day--mostly for historical purposes for future family. 9/11 is one of those days where you will always remember where you were and what your were doing when you heard the news.

  2. wow ... the worst day in our history ... i remember it well, as i was working for a company that was owned by Morgan Stanley, who had occupied 60 floors of the second tower that was hit -- we were all in shock and i was a part of the command center who had to call every employee's family member from Morgan Stanley. Hardest calls I EVER had to make.... this is so moving and touching ...

  3. Such a moving and powerful layout, Susanne. I absolutely remember every second of that day . . .

  4. So hard, but I'm glad you recorded it.

  5. Oh yes I do. It was early afternoon here when the news started to come through and I was standing in the school playground waiting to collect TTO. We went home and turned on the tv immediately.

  6. I clearly remember that horrible day - definitely a defining moment in my life. I haven't yet been able to scrapbook about it although I have several long journaling entries. You did a lovely job with a very difficult subject.