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30 October 2016

Non-Scrappy Pre-Travel Shopping

Of course, getting ready for a big trip always involves a little extra shopping.  I desperately needed some new fall clothes.  A trip to see family in Mississippi late this summer provided the perfect opportunity when my sister suggested we stop at Tanger Premium Outlets in Southhaven. (Truly, it was totally her idea.)

I picked up several pairs of slacks and some new tops at the Talbots outlet. I like their prints a lot; here are a couple of examples.


And of course one can’t go wrong with a little Tommy (Hilfiger).


Also in Mississippi, we spent a few minutes shopping in a little boutique called Giggleswick, which we had visited a couple years ago.  They have china, crystal and other bridal registry needs as well as home decor, candles, soaps, jewelry, purses and clothes.


Lovely stuff of every variety, but this beauty was far and away what caught my attention – ain’t she pretty!


A Hobo bag in the Marley style!!  Don’t let the Hobo name fool you, you won’t see many of these at the train yards. I passed it by, thinking it might be a passing infatuation.  After all, I currently have two nice red leather handbags.

Weeks later, after our trip, when I was transferring the contents of my small crossbody bag for traveling to a larger bag necessary for the winter shopping season, I remembered that hobo.  I looked online and it comes in a lovely Royal Blue (navy, really).  I signed up for their mailing list, and sure enough in a day or two, there was a nifty sale. Done.  It was waiting for me when I returned from my weekend crop. I love how it hugs my side when it is slung over my shoulder.


I could use some new high heels to match. because when packing for France I realized that most of my dress shoes are 20 – 25 year old pretty worn out business pumps; they had seen better days. In fact, I borrowed a pair of black dressy heels from my daughter to wear in the evenings.  A little late night online browsing found these Tory Burch Jolie Wedge pumps with their unforgettable classic look.  But I will have to try the local department stores, because I don’t really order shoes online (or do I).


Of course, if I am stepping out in style, I might need a bit of fragrance too.  At that shop in Mississippi I picked up some body wash for my travels.  This stuff is to die for – Vera Bradley Macaroon Rose.


And it works wonderfully with this:


This perfume is heavenly, I have some of Estee Lauder’s original Modern Muse lotion, (they say it is Confident, Independent, Inspiring). Yes, it’s good stuff.  The Le Rouge version has more dominant rose notes to it that remind me of the rose bushes Dad planted at the top of his vegetable garden for Mom.  They describe Le Rouge as “Extroverted, Glamorous, Sophisticated.”  Oh I would love to be a little of all those things. Is there a written guarantee, I wonder?

I must add that to my list for Santa.  You know him -- the Big Guy in the Le Rouge Suit ensemble with matching belt and boots and the bag so large it needs to be slung over the top of his shoulder!  I bet he understands me.

 Winking smile

Have you done any fun shopping lately?  What hints might you give Santa this year?


  1. That shop looks exactly like the sort of place I like---a little of everything! Love those Tory Burch wedgies!!

  2. How lovely to have such pretty things added to your wardrobe. I particularly like the top with the leaf design in autumnal colours - very pretty (and will go beautifully with that blue handbag and shoes!)

  3. Looks like you fond some nice things!! LOVE the pocket book!!

  4. Your bag looks gorgeous. Funny, the one thing I've been looking for is a new bag so I think that's how I'll answer your question. A new bag for me please Santa!

  5. It's always fun to go on a shopping spree! Looks like some nice things you acquired!

  6. That shop looks beautiful. Looks like you have found some fun goodies as of late! Enjoy! :)

  7. I think you will look amazing and you are ready!!!

  8. That looks like a fun shopping spree. Love the bags and the shoes.

  9. What fun - and you could print this post out and leave it for Santa....

  10. The only shopping I have done lately has been for my new grandson....and I have to say, it is a lot of fun, teehee.
    I do need some new clothes for myself though ;)

  11. I havent shopped for years to be honest - apart from absolute essentials such as shoes for work. I envy your enjoyment at the process and the need - the trip to Paris ! What a wonderful excuse!