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28 October 2016

Q & A after a Visit with Mary & Other Stuff

If you need a steady stream of uplifting blogging, follow Mary’s blog.  I need the boost more days than I care to admit, and even when I don’t “need” it, I certainly enjoy her perspective.

Wednesday she did a little Question and Answer session that looked like fun.


Have you ever talked "baby-talk" to your pet?
Yes. Although he is our son’s dog, we have him here quite a bit.  Duke (Dukie, Dukie-doodles) loves the dulcet tones of puppy-talk.

Have you ever kept special treats for your pet?
You mean the extra bacon I often crumble on top of his food.  After he stays with us for a few days, he will turn his nose up at the first normal meal he is fed at home.  Then he adjusts to the harsh reality, when he sees that not everyone thinks his meals should be topped with treats.

It is also possible that he gets a treat if he follows me upstairs to my scrapbook studio.  A puppy burns a lot of calories climbing all those stairs.  Besides, he is more likely to nap quietly if his tummy is happy.
Winking smile
Have you ever kept a special blanket or bed for your pet to sleep on?
He has his own kennel at our house, complete with blanket and his favorite red squeaky heart toy.

Have you ever let your pet sleep in or on your bed with you?
No, not in our bed.  When he was much littler he did sleep in our son’s bed before they moved out or later atop our daughter’s bed when Dukie would spend the night here.  Now that she is off at college, he is content to sleep in his own little bed on the floor at the foot of our bed.

After that the questions changed gears to some I think I had already included in prior posts.  So I will switch gears also, and show you all my older Christmas stash.


I pulled 60+ sheets of older Christmas lines from my stash, for most of these I only have a sheet or two of each collection, along with coordinating embellishments.  I uncovered lots of uncoordinated ones too.  By joining a 100 sheet patterned paper group on Facebook, I hope to work through a lot of this making Christmas cards and tags. If I am not going to buy cards this year, I need to get busy soon!
And I’m not worried about using all my Christmas paper  - there are still 4 recent lines I can use for scrapbooking after the holidays.  How are your cards coming?


  1. Our dog is one spoiled baby! LOL!! He is missing 7 teeth (old age - had to have them pulled) -- so he is on soft food and soft treats now. He has his own bed in the living room, and stairs that get him to our bed! Ohhhhhhhh and God forbid he doesn't get his 7PM walk around the neighborhood! LOL! He will follow us around until one of us takes him! HA!!!!!!!!

  2. I loved your answers, most of all I love Dukie-doodles! He is so precious, I can see why he might be a little spoiled at your house!!

  3. I'll look forward to seeing your cards and tags. I have no doubt you will get them done!

  4. Stash envy! Have fun playing with all of those goodies. I went to Michaels today & really wanted a pad of Christmas paper but I did resist. Christmas cards - probably will be bought ones. Yes I talk sweetly to my fur girls & oh yes they sleep with us in the bed & any place they want to sleep is their special spot - I love my fur girls.

  5. Such a fun post. Duke is adorable and deserves all of this goodness in his life! Those Christmas supplies look great! Have fun card making. :)

  6. Nope to all your questions. I would rather have my grand babies in my bed. That is a lot of Christmas stash. I am seriously too scared to put all mine together. I very seldom scrap themed pages.