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23 October 2016

Tic Tac Toe at the Studio Challenges

Our Crazy Quest for Pokémon – a layout for the Studio Challenges


Start: Let’s start with this TIC TAC TOE board and see what we can create:

Oct 2016 Tic tac toe

Style: I chose the top row – wood, washi tape and flair.  The map paper gave me the idea of doing a layout of a few photos of my family on their Pokémon hunts this summer. Sometimes we went out primarily in search of Pokémon, and other times we just remembered to check for them while on other trips.  If I look, I can probably find a few more snapshots to fill a companion pocket page.

I wanted to the page to feel full and busy, so I used two collages of photos.  I decided to have fun with the title, changing its direction and slanting the Pokémon part as if you have to follow it along to find it all.  It is kind of playful that way.  I decided to add the strip of black along the edge so that the title can’t “fall off the page.”  I also used several circular elements that echo the poke ball shapes in the photos.

Stash: I believe most of this is from American Crafts, in one way or another – many of the bits and bobs are Studio Calico kit leftovers of years past.  I created this layout at my weekend crop, so I wasn’t really concerned about keeping track.

Why not pop over the The Studio Challenges and see how the other gals have tic-tac-toed their way to a finished layout.


  1. Love love love this!!!!!!!!!!!! So fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stunning page...what is a Pokemon hunt...I must be living under a rock :)

  3. A really lovely page and looks like you have had a lot of fun doing the Pokemon thing - I still can't quite get my head around what is involved, but it seems like people are having a lot of fun with it

  4. This is such a fabulous and clever page!! LOVE the design!!

  5. Great page all the photos!

  6. I really like all the little details on your page---especially the arrows and the pen technique. The obscure map paper is perfect for the background. Great page documenting the current craze! Love that!