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12 November 2016

Counterfeit Kit Challenge #2 for November

Look Who’s Here - It’s Stanley


Start: The second challenge over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog is to be inspired by a walk in the woods.  It felt good to get these old pictures from fall of  2006 scrapped.

Style: This is one of two layouts I did on Flat Stanley’s visit to us.  My niece in 1st or 2nd grade had sent him to visit my daughter who was 10 at the time.  She took pictures of him outside at our house among the fall leaves, and then I have a companion page of them at school for the day.

We made Stanley a little sleeping bag and pillow of scrapbook paper before we sent him home first class to my niece along with a bunch of pictures. I wish I had snapped a photo of it.  I wonder if my sister did, and if she is going to scrap about Flat Stanley too.

I kept my page fairly simple with the focal point embellishment being an owl flair perched in a tree transparency.  (This looks really cool in person.) And of course I used leaf paper, bug paper and a bit of blue for separation.  I covered our address on the plaque before photographing.

Stash: My November counterfeit kit, although I substituted a difference owl flair than the ones I had included in the kit.

Wondering what's been happening around here when Stanley isn't in town. Well, here are some of the things we've been up to:

  • serving as "background performers" (extras) on the movie set of an independent film.  It is set in the 1970s and they filmed one Saturday on the Main Street of New Harmony, Indiana, about 45 minutes from here. That's not me on hubby's arm, apparently I would not be cast as his type.

    I was in a separate scene walking along with another gal, chatting and window shopping, much further from the action, but definitely properly cast.
  • finally, clearing the floor space in our son's old room.  This before picture was from April, and was one of 3 or 4 taken at different times when I swore I would finally tackle this project.  The stacked boxes are mostly memorabilia which we hope to tackle in January and February. This is the room where the bookcases are now, and the closets are still full of Christmas decorations I am hoping to downsize as well, so that I then have room to store my scrapbook crop totes out of sight.  We're not done, but major progress has been made.

  • one day visiting every Dollar General store in town (8 or 9) picking up a few last minute items for the Totes of Hope program for homeless veterans.  Hubby, who headed up the local Red Cross committee that was organizing the program, pressed me into service scooping up bargains around town so donated funds would stretch to the max. The hunt was fun.

  • finishing all my handmade Christmas cards and updating my address list.  I will be ready to send these out as soon as I manage to snap a family photo to include inside.  The cute Halloween card in the background there is by sis-in-law Trenna.

    I don't normally do Halloween as we have not had little kids on our lane for quite a few years, and being in a semi-rural setting we don't get trick-or-treaters.  We have had two new families with little ones move onto the lane this fall, so I prepared, but alas, we still had no visitors.

    These little packets used the Halloween papers from my latest Noel Mignon kit.  They still sit by the front door untouched.  I guess they will be table favors at Thanksgiving instead.

  • staying up to 2 a.m. on Election Night and maintaining television, radio (and social media) silence for the 15 hours after that.  So relieved it is over and we can all figure out how to move forward together, with broader kinder perspectives and an end to the hateful name-calling and scare tactics. God Bless the USA.

  • I hope to post more regularly to Instagram, so if you are not following me there, you might consider that (link in my sidebar). It will say that it is private and you need permission to do that, but please make the request.  I am just tying to keep the creepers/spammers away.


  1. I LOVED flat Stanley. Your layout is a perfect documentation of such a universal little guy! As for your clean-out---WOW! My library looks like your first picture---full of current Christmas gifts as they arrive and wedding gifts even though it's been nearly a year now! I cannot even get to the Christmas stuff in the back. Something has to be done---soon! Your film debut will be exciting!

  2. Your lo is soooooooo fun! LOVING that you scrapped Flat Stanley! And loving the photos of the room! Looks amazing!!!!!!!

  3. I loved that Flat Stanley story.

    How exciting to be an extra! Is there a good story about how you got involved? Lots of people I know here joined an agency when we heard that Game of Thrones was looking for extras.

  4. Cute page to memorialize Flat Stanley's visit, and I love how that little owl flair just blends right into the tree.

  5. Cute tales about Flat Stanley. Fun being an extra in a movie, who knows where this will lead. You and your hubby have been very busy putting together those thoughtful Totes of Hope (I like the name), along with handmade Christmas cards, which look quite nice & tackling the tidying of the room.

  6. Flat Stanley was a favourite with the kids in my library.I like your layout, especially the owl flair. Good luck with your other ventures.

  7. This is a lovely layout with a gorgeous autumnal feel.

  8. I love this country so much, and I, too, am relieved that the election is finally over!!! WOW, Susanne, you have been busy. And your Flat Stanley layout is so much fun!!!

  9. You have been busy :)
    Great the owl flair on the tree :)
    Had a chuckle about you and your husband not being cast as his type, teehee.
    Great job on the room!!!
    You have completed your Christmas cards!!!! I don't even think anything Christmas before December.

  10. You have really been busy :) Cute page and challenge! Hoping for the same on the election comment.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Adorable page - I LOVE that treeeee!!! You wore me out with everything you got done. Your room rocks!

  12. Very cute page documenting Flat Stanley's visit. I laughed out load when I read that you weren't cast as your husband's type. LOL! Who was his type xxxx

  13. Fun times in your neck of the woods! You have been a busy bee. Love your Flat Stanley layout. My cards are completed too- a task well done for both of us!

  14. It's always a pleasure to drop by and see what you're up to. A great post full of fun and info! the page is of course adorable with flat Stanley - I think he visited us at some point but no photos I fear. The Halloween treats were super cute - how sad that no-one came! I was rather pleased to be left alone and would have been caught out if anyone had ventured in here!