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28 November 2016

Memorandum Monday Selfies Plus A Walk Down Memory Lane

Gosh, it's been a while since I've popped in on Monday with a Memo for Sian and friends.  It's going to be a rainy day all day today, so I've got time to chat.

What's new in November - well, not me.  I am one year less new this month.  But it was a great birthday spent with my family - yummy steak topped with bleu cheese and paired with a Pinot Noir or was it a Cabernet (ask hubby) that was fabulous.  (And I wonder why my doctor worries that my cholesterol is climbing).

Here I am with #1 son, college girl and son's sweet girlfriend.  This shot was taken with my selfie stick.  Yes that's new.  Here's me practicing earlier in the day.

Still need a little more practice although I was able to get the photo we will include in the Christmas card.  I'm not sharing that one yet.

Here's a selfie shot of us gathered at Thanksgiving at my mother-in-law's.  Son and girlfriend were at her family's celebration that day.

Black Friday meant Daisy Lane Scrapbook shopping for us 4 younger gals.  Notice the way I sneaked myself into that "younger" group?  (Older but more cunning, that's me.)  Here's my haul, all the sale items were 40% extra off and Christmas/winter 20%. College girl and her cousin held their own in the shopping department this time around - the former found 3 12 x 12 sticker sheets to use in her bullet journal and smash book, plus 2 packs of stickers - maybe her biggest scrap purchase ever (her mama so proud!) But dang-it, no picture!  And her cousin out-hauled my sister-in-law as well (yep, her mama so proud too and she did manage pictures of them).

Also new, yesterday son's girlfriend and I stamped some Christmas cards for her to send out this year.  It was her first time stamping - and I can't believe I didn't snap a picture of her working.  We used my sis-in-law's Misti.  I must have one of these - in fact I will have one of these with the craft gift card that son and his girlfriend gave me for my birthday. Sis-in-law also loaned us a cute stamp set with matching punch.  The cards are really cute, but I can't share those either.

In the actual-doing-scrapbooking-just-not-talking-about-it department, I have just about finished showing you the pages I completed at my October crop. This pocket page is one of my favorites.


Start: This is hubby’s aunt when she was young.  I had three odd sized pictures left over from a collage I printed for her funeral.  She passed away last year just about this time.

Style: I decided to use some leftovers from a class kit on pocket pages.  The colors seemed appropriate for vintage photos and especially because she often wore fall colors.

I divided the largest photo into three pockets, and mounted each on a card because the photo was just a little too narrow to look good in the pockets with backing.  A ribbon across the bottom filled in the extra space.

The other pockets then fell into place quickly.  I don’t have a lot of details on the photos, so I used stickers to add text and included her vital statistics on the first card – blurred for privacy.

Stash: Journal cards – Webster by We R Memory Keepers
Stickers -  Photographie by 7 Gypsies
Alphabet – Studio Calico
Sequins, enamel dots and washi tape from CK class
Chipboard and buttons from stash.

Have you tried using pocket pages for vintage photos?Or do you do the standard pages for vintage photos.  Here’s two more I scrapped of her.


Start: First is a picture of Martha with her younger sister (my mom-in-law).
Second her wedding pictures.  They enjoyed a long and blessed union until he passed away 10 years earlier.

Style: I had this package of vintage style paper and stickers that I have been saving for some old photos.  These seemed like a good match.

I made both of the layouts simple because the embellishments were rather detailed and intricate.  But I am wondering if there would be any other finishing touches I could add.  Any ideas?

I still need to add the dates and some other vital details.  But don’t you just adore their pose in the first layout and her wedding veil on the second?

Stash: Echo Park Victoria Gardens paper and cardstock stickers
Buttons with sparkles and rosette ribbon by American Crafts

Now I need to scoot and get some Cyber Monday shopping done while the rain is still coming down.  I'll get around to catch up with all of you soon - probably as a respite from the Christmas decorating that need to begin around here.


  1. Happy belated Birthday wishes. LOL to your first attempts with the selfie stick. Funny you mention that gift because recently we have been seeing signs posted & enforced at events that prohibit selfie sticks being used. Nice haul of scrapping supplies.

  2. I love your pocket page. Cutting the main photo in to 3 pieces makes it all the more dramatic! I also love the color scheme you've paired with the old black and whites. Just great!

  3. These are wonderful pages. Happy belated and yeah on the sale goodies!!!

  4. Happy belated birthday! You will surely love your MISTI. Making many Christmas cards is so much easier and quicker now that I own one. LOVE your Memory Lane pocket pages. I've never thought to scrap vintage photos that way, but you've provided ample inspiration!

  5. What a lovely post - happy belated birthday! I hope you enjoy the selfie stick (& all the funny outtakes that inevitable come with it) as much as I have mine this past year!

  6. You have been very busy.
    First off Happy Birthday :)
    Your layouts are beautiful as always and love you selfie photos :)

  7. Happy belated birthday. Awesome shot at the diningroom table. Your layouts are as beautiful as always.

  8. November is always a good month, isn't it? *double wink*. Some great photos, lovely memories and super crafting. The vintage pages are just lovely - each different but perfect in its own way. I envy your output at the moment!