20 September 2019

Club Scrap - Forest Floor Revisited

Remember how wildly successful I found Club Scrap's Forest Floor Kit?

I used it for hiking pictures.  The colors and printed sentiments were just so spot on.  I have another hiking trip I could add to that same album, so I went back to Club Scrap to see if I could still get matching papers, etc.

I could have ordered the whole kit again at full price, but I decided to order as follows, based on what they had left in stock and wanting to spend less:

2  12 x 12 Fern printed papers  $2.50
1  12 x 12 Mushroom printed paper  $1.25
1  2 Sheet set of Cutaparts  $3.00
1  Set of 3 page ribbons  $2.45
1  Set of 3 bronze charms  $1.95
1  Half pound pack of  paper $6.60***

Total, less 10% member discount $15.98,  compared to the full kit price of $24.39, or about 66%.

***(mostly 3 x 4, 4 x 6, 5 x 7 pieces of coordinating color cardstock)

So if my math serves me correctly, I should be able to get 5 1/4 pages out of this purchase.  How did I do? Pretty darn well.  I added 4 pieces of my own cardstock, and I was able to produce 6 pages plus a card.


The trick to putting my pages together was rearranging, regrouping and reworking the cut-aparts so they looked different.  Here are a few examples:

The eye-catching thing about the mushroom paper was the frog.  On the original kit page, he has a ribbon threaded behind him.  I love this, but didn't want to repeat it exactly.  So this time the ribbons have been changed up and he has a little friend with him that I fussy-cut from a cut-apart sentiment.

Cutting things up always gives them a new look, but not cutting apart elements that were meant to be separated also creates a new look.  Notice on this double page spread, that the original quote goes across both pages.  On my newest layout, the two strips were not cut apart, but a raffia ribbon was added between them.  On the right hand side of that same page, you will notice that the "I took a walk" quote, that appeared on a single tag in the original kit (see 2nd photo below)  is now separated into two cut-aparts.

Another set of cut-aparts - numbers 1 - 4, was made to look different by trimming them and mounting them on small punched tags.  A different ribbon in a different orientation plus the fact that they accompany larger photos, makes a difference.

I am super-pleased with these pages, and cannot wait to fill them up with photos; but first I must edit and print those.  The fact that I did not have the whole kit again, allowed me to see it parts in a different way.

Price wise, I did not save myself money on a per page basis. If I had purchased 2 sets of 4 x 6 mats for $3.80, instead of spending  $6.60 for 8 ounces of paper scraps, my cost per page would have been cheaper than the original kit. I ended up with 5 of the 8 ounces of scraps left that I will probably never use.  There were lots of scraps that were not quite 4 x 6, perhaps off-cuts they couldn't include in kits.  Club Scrap was upfront in describing it as scraps, but now I know that option is more suitable for card makers than for scrapbookers. 

So there's my adventure in redoing a Club Scrap Kit.  In Club Scrap tradition, I used up everything except the scrap pack.  Club Scrap themselves actually offers some revisited kits, and labels them as "Remix".  I have yet to try one of those, so I don't know how much is reworked in a remix.  With any luck, they will remix Forest Floor soon, and my hiking album can become even larger and just as coordinated.


  1. Great layouts, Susanne! I love the little tweaks you did to make the pages coordinate with, but different from, the original set. TFS!

  2. Susanne, this is wonderful!! I love the red papers with this collection, great job!

  3. Lovely layouts! You are inspiring me to start scrapbooking, again! :)

  4. So gorgeous! I've just latched on to a source for BasicGrey collections for sale & am waiting on that box with bated breath. Gotta buy what you love!

  5. How wonderful that you were able to get more of those papers and create new looks with them! Great job!

  6. You're so clever! These are a lot of fun.