15 October 2019

WWW dot ABCs

So the other day I showed you a glimpse of my actual workspace.  How about a glimpse into my virtual workspace via my Firefox browser.

I was noticing, not for the first time, that I only need to get one letter past www dot in my browser to pull up my most used websites.  Are you curious about what they are?  How many of these are the same for you?

www. _____________

a - Amazon
b - Blogger
c - Close To My Heart
d - Deaconess (local health network)
e - eBay
f - Flikr
g - Google (surprise, surprise)
h - Home Depot
i - Instagram
j - was to a crafting blog about Copic markers that is no longer active
k -Kohls
l - Library Cat - program to catalog your books
m - Macy's
n - Nordstrom Rack
o - Overstock
p - Paypal
q - Quora (link to a news article about what Google knows about us)
r - Reddit (link to an article about a question I had about eBay)
s - Spellbinders
t - Trunk Club
u - USPS (postal service)
v - nothing
w - We R Memory Keepers
x - nothing
y - You Tube
z - nothing

You can see that crafting and shopping figure high in my online activity.

I have switched to using Duck Duck Go for searches instead of Google, but so many other links are tied to Google that it still comes up.  I do clear my browser history every few days as it seems to keep the performance of Firefox optimized.

I think I will clear my history now and try this again in a few days to see how different the results might be.  Do you dare share your list?  Come on, give us one quirky one to wonder about - the fox and duck are curious.


  1. What a FUN idea - I just did this as well & will share my results soon! We share a few in common - Amazon, Instagram, USPS & YouTube. :)

  2. Very interesting. Despite using blogger, I'm very suspicious of Google and their motives. Your article link confirms what I have long suspected. Even using a different email host doesn't really help, when the majority of those I correspond with use gmail. And I wonder whether they can "read" my emails if I access/write them on my android tablet...
    I shall investigate duck duck go!