30 June 2022

A Sentence A Day in June 2022

from pngtree.com

 1) 30 new days for a little work, a little play, a little happy every day.

2) We sat on the screened porch for a lovely light lunch with my brother-in-law before he headed back home to the desert.

3) How many times can I justify putting off until tomorrow a run to Target to pick up my order . . . many, many, it seems.

4)  Target run completed, but I was "forced" to pick-up inside as the parking spaces for pick-up seemed to disappear; they had moved them to the other side of the front entrance.

5)  It was a scrappy happy morning, followed by a happy nappy afternoon.

6)  We ordered a refurbished phone for hubby from Amazon, saving both $$$ and the aggravation of getting used to a newer model (priced ridiculously high) before his upcoming trip.

7)  I managed lots of scrapbooking, and nearly no scrapbook clean-up, which can wait for another day.

8) Attending a funeral for a friend's father meant that hubby got to see lots of his old work pals from his early days in Evansville.

9)  Is it terrible, or downright sinful of me to think that Pastor's bible study lessons are so much more interesting than his sermons, as 15 years of Sundays, means I think we have heard them all again and again. 

10) I always, always, always over-pack; I like choices.

11) Early morning long--distance driving really clears my mind. 

12)  Sisters can be so different and yet so alike.

13)  Hard core scrapbooking happening today!

14)  It is Flag Day; and we always remember it as it was my mother's birthday.

15)  "The Thrill of Brazil" is the name of the seriously red nail polish I use for my MIL's mini manicure.

16)  A day at home unsupervised . . . means too many calories are consumed.

17)  A power outage leaves us feeling . . . well, powerless.

18)  Hubby is home from his Canada fishing trip, but clearly still in vacation mode.

19)  A 5 mile walk with the kids was a nice way to start Father's Day.

20)  Discovering a leak under the kitchen sink is no way to start a Monday.

21)  Catching up on chores at the computer takes longer than expected, and I do not finish.

22)  Shelving books at the museum library was more tiring than usual, and so far there is no end in sight.

23)  Our water filter system has sprung a leak, and unfortunately the system has been discontinued so it will not be a quick or easy fix.

24)  I started to clean my craft room 3 times this week, and I still didn't get it done.

25)  Scorching high temperatures and blazing sun drove us to leave the Cardinals baseball game early; luckily our choice of  a new dining place in the evening made up for it.

26)  A lazy Sunday back home was just the ticket to recuperate from the heat in time for a busy week.

27)  Less distracted by the computer time means more craft reorganization time.

28)  The day flew by so very fast!

29)  I ran into a "mean girl" moderator in one of my Facebook groups - social media has really made all of us less social!

30)  I have been thinking lately that I need to make some distinct changes in how I spend my time -- and that means much less internet time!!

* * * * * * *

I didn't do a very good job taking everyday photos this month, but since 4th of July, our country's independence day, is right around the corner - I will leave you with this snapshot from the grocery store.


  1. What a fun photograph! I like the idea of a sentence a day; think I'll give it a try in July.

  2. I too like the idea of a sentence a day and would like to try it in July.

  3. What a clever display! There seemed to be a good amount of craft time in your month - happy days!

  4. A beery 4th of July! Too funny! I like your sentence a day post! :)

  5. A sentence a day is a good idea to remember all that happened. Sometimes at the end of the month when I'm updating my day to day scrapbook I forget a lot of what happened; I may need to change my ways. The beer display is someone's perfect idea of thinking outside of the box!!