28 June 2022

Craft Bargains - Are They Really?

Recently a friend turned me onto a new discount craft site - Craft Direct.  I noticed they had 2 Doodlebug grab bags up on sale -- two too tempting to pass up.

The first the paper grab page was advertised as 40 sheets, a $40 value for only $12.74 (on sale from $15).   There were indeed 40 sheets inside, of which 3 were glitter papers.   I started to type glitter-enhanced paper, but the glitter was not confined to those 3 sheets, and wanted to enhance every surface within floating distance. So, not an enhancement at all! Soon it was everywhere, so I immediately disposed of those 3 sheets.


Then I used a total of 3 Swiffer® dusters to clean up the mess - swabbing each sheet in turn, front and back, twice.  Also, there was one lone sheet of brown cardstock (top row center) with an unusual texture. It was a singularly bizarre addition.  

Of the 36 remaining papers there were 21 different lines representing all times of the year.  I would say about 1/3, or a dozen, of the lines included 2 pieces of paper, but no duplicates.  I consider having several papers from a line a big plus in easily using them for layouts.  The dates on them ranged mostly from 2016 to 2019, with just a couple from 2014-15 and happily several from 2021.  Even on the theme papers I would not use (mermaids, for instance), the B-sides were very usable prints in happy colors to which I am always drawn.  I actually had paper and a 12 x 12 sticker sheet in my stash for 5 of the lines, so I was happy to get more paper in those.  Overall, I was pleased with what I got for my money, even though I had to invest extra time.

Next I opened up the Sticker Grab bag, it contained 25 sticker sheets, a  "supposed" $105 value, for only $8.50 (on sale from $10).  This was a much different story.  It too suffered from the same downfall of having 2 glitter laden sticker sheets which were immediately trashed as well.  Let's face it - Doodlebug does NOT glitter well - Doodlebug should NOT glitter at all!

These 6 x 12 sticker sheets were much more dated.  About half of them were from in the early 2000's, like 2004 and 2006.  Their style was so out of fashion that I will give them away or donate them in our next charity box. The other half were much more current although most did not bear a date, and several could be used with the more current papers in the paper grab bag.  But overall, this second grab bag was not worth the money.  I won't even bother to show you photos.

Each grab bag was in a plastic envelope tied with about a yard of cute twine, so that was a nice little extra bonus.

As I said in an earlier post, Craft Direct was slow to ship the order because a pack of Echo Park Solids kit paper was on back-order.  Otherwise, I was happy with my other purchases on this order.

The bottom line is that grab bags are always a crap shoot, never knowing what you might get.  So if you don't enjoy the surprise aspect and/or are on a tight budget, I would tell you that the possible reward is not worth the probable risk of disappointment.  You can reduce that risk if you are dealing with brands that you like and generally purchase.

I think giving into this little temptation is enough to ward me off others for quite a while.  To reinforce that sentiment,  I just saw a reveal of the latest Echo Park warehouse box.  While I really like Echo Park Paper Company, I would have been disappointed in that assortment, so it was a good thing I resisted.

Besides I am trying to streamline some storage in my space, so I don't need to add more stuff.

Okay, that's all for this post.  In a couple of days, I will do a June wrap-up with a sentence a day post and then it is onto July - second half 2022, here we come!


  1. That paper bundle was a bargain. I zoomed in and took a close look at all the cute prints. Have you ever used Kiwi Lane templates? They work so well with coordinated papers. My sister and I are going broke together buying Kiwi Lane. If you aren't familiar with it...https://kiwilane.com/. I have a cart full of things to to the tune of $75 that I need like a hole in the head. But I want. I want. I want.

    The glitter sounds messy. I like having a bit of it here and there but not entire glittered pages. When I worked as a librarian, we used glitter with great abandon on seasonal activities in the library. The custodian was probably thrilled when I retired!!

    1. I have heard about Kiwi Lane and it's addictive properties, but so far I have managed to resist.

  2. Doodlebug do make such cheerful papers & Echo Park's recent release of Farmhouse Summer has me almost ready to break my vow of no more paper! Your D.B. haul has some really nice papers.

    1. Yes, I was waiting to buy Farmhouse Summer when my sis and I went shopping together, but we opted not to go shopping at all on our last sis weekend, so I need to order it online soon.

  3. I’m sorry they were a disappointment! I just bought the PinkFresh Studis warehouse box. I’m waiting for it to arrive. I enjoyed the last one I bought, hoping this time will be the same!

  4. Those papers look lovely to me! I haven't bought any scrapbooking paper in several years, as I'm trying to use up the stash I already have. :)

  5. Well, thanks for this!! Just as I've gotten rid of so much, I couldn't resist this site. I managed to purchase $40 worth of stuff I don't really need! I did resist the paper. I still have enough to last a lifetime!