27 June 2022

Me On Monday - We've Been Busched


We went to Saturday's 1:15 afternoon game at Busch Stadium, and it was hot!  Scorching hot! 96° in a sunny cloudless sky hot! St. Louis in (nearly) July hot!  Stadium on the river contributing high humidity hot! Dripping with perspiration, clothes totally damp hot! Ice cubes wrapped in towels for the back of your neck HOT!

Game Summary via MLB.com

We decided to leave after the 7th inning stretch around 3:45 p.m.  Did I mention it was HOT!!

We listened to the last innings of the game on the radio on the drive back to our hotel.  We needed plenty of time to shower and relax before dinner.  The Cubs scored 2 runs after we left, but luckily, in the end of that inning the Cardinals put 2 runs on the scoreboard as well, and won.

From their website - a perfect representation!

On Saturday evening we had dinner at a new place - Andria's.  It was fantastic.  Located in an older house, it is a family owned and operated steakhouse.  The four of us enjoyed either filet mignon or their 20 oz. pork chop (half of which we took home).  All were glazed with their special sauce; we regret not having bought a bottle on the spot.  The salads were delightful, as were the shared desserts.  They had a respectable cocktail and wine list.  Although our friends' first choice for a bottle of zinfandel was not available, the restaurant's recommended second choice went down smoothly.  We highly recommend Andria's.

From their website


We had our usual big breakfast at First Watch on Sunday morning and then drove home, through pouring rain for the first part of the drive.  Despite the wicked weather, we really enjoyed our time with these friends.

Napkin wrap @ First Watch

Our Sunday at home was quite laid back, and other than starting the laundry right away to deal with the icky baseball clothes, I just puttered around.  We skipped lunch and a short cat nap turned into an all afternoon snooze-fest.

Dinner was a healthy affair of grilled salmon and veggies. Looks like part of the salmon got a bit too much heat too, although the rest was flaky and juicy.  Actually, hubby always reserves the crispiest piece for me as I like a little bit of crunch. This is one of my favorite meals, maybe what I would have for my last supper.  Wait, who am I kidding -- that would be a juicy steak with a butter-laden baked potato and rich red wine!

Now on this last Monday in June, I cannot believe that 2022 is (nearly) half over.  This week we need to seriously get busy on various little projects on which we have been procrastinating.

But first, I think I will be opening the just delivered package of my latest craft purchase.  I had ordered it weeks ago, but they kept holding it for an item that was on backorder.  I finally had to message them to just cancel the out-of-stock item and send the rest on.  I mean, I wouldn't want to be in danger of running out of paper and pretties.  (As if . . . )

Have a great week!


  1. Lots of yummy foods over the weekend. I also like my salmon with some outside crunch. Yikes the year half over ... moving along way too quickly. For me it's time to pick a new 3rd quarter OLW. Have fun with all your new crafty supplies.

  2. Glad you had a good time despite the heat. The food sounds lovely although I'd have to pass on the salmon ... too crispy for me, I prefer the exact opposite!

    Hope you're pleased with your latest crafting goodies.

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend, although I find extreme, humid heat like that exhausting too, and would much rather be indoors when it's like that. I attended some baseball games in Japan but I can't really remember the rules. It must be a great atmosphere and I must say the upkeep of that pitch is great. It looks pristine!

  4. I agree with you that 96F with humidity is a bit too hot! Glad you chose to return to the hotel and cool off! Your meals sound delicious and the grilled salmon looks perfect to me. :)

  5. There is no way that I could cope in that heat. Not to mention the humidity!
    Pleased to hear that the restaurant met with your expectations and because you didn't buy the sauce, you have a perfect excuse for going back again sometime!

  6. I don't do humidity well at all. And especially not after living in El Paso for many years. Don't blame you a bit for leaving in the 7th inning. My husband is a Reds fan, one of the very few, and we about smother when we go to Cincinnati for a game.

    Goodness that steak looks delish. And I am not a big meat eater. In fact, we just had steak for dinner (grilled here at home) and I only had a couple of bites. Much prefer a steak at a restaurant.

    Can't wait to see what scrapbook goodies you got. I am working on a book spine village collage and have driven all over El Paso trying to find magazines to use for my project. I need pictures of windows and doors to add to the spines to make them look like buildings. This project is going to wind up being quite expensive!!

  7. I cannot imagine sitting at a ballgame in this heat. If the seats are in the sun there's no way I could do it. A cool cloth on the back of the neck is a necessity! That restaurant sounds interesting. I'm heading to St. Louis this week. I usually go to all of my favorite haunts, but maybe it's time to try something new!