05 July 2022

Taking the Fifth . . .

 . . . well, not really.  But you know how I love a catchy blog post title.

Let's just say we're taking the 5th easy.  But wait, we did that most of the long weekend.  On Thursday evening we attended a patriotic event at the Evansville Wartime Museum.  They were unveiling a new Sherman tank exhibit and dedicating a P-47 aircraft to a local wartime hero who recently passed away just short of his 100th birthday. It was hot as Hades, so we passed on taking a ride in the tank.  We did run into some old friends, so it was nice to catch up with them.

The highlight of the weekend was on Saturday visiting our daughter and her roommate.  First we went to a local independent bookstore, Morgenstern's - it had closed several years back when pushed out by Borders and Barnes & Noble.  Now that both of those large chain stores have closed, it reopened with a small cafe that features local coffee, tea and pastries.   I was so busy exploring I totally forgot to snap any shots.  The four of us carried out a dozen books.

Then we ate brunch feasted at a fun new place -- restaurant, market and wine cellar in one.  We had a crisp cool bottle of wine with some of the prettiest, and tastiest food ever.

All this in anticipation of meeting their puppy dog for the first time.  Hello, Dolly!

She's a big girl compared to the two petite gals who are her peeps.  And yes, she does appear to exert a fair amount of influence over the place.  She's a beautiful shiny black with soulful eyes, but I have yet to get a photo of her that does her justice.

On Friday, hubby finished up a yard work project and I undertook a rearrangement of some things in the studio. I got back to it and finished on Sunday, while hubby caught up on office work.

On Monday, the Fourth of July, we hemmed and hawed about going downtown to partake of the food trucks and fireworks on the riverfront, until it was too late, so we took a pass.  After all, we were going to be hearing fireworks all evening long, did we really need to trek all that way.  So we sought to grab a bite at one of the nearby restaurants.  Alas they were both closed for the holiday, so we ran into the grocery store and grabbed some pork steaks and veggies to grill.  I scrapbooked until about ten p.m. with the sound of fireworks in the distance.

It has been a nice blend of busy and not busy this long weekend.

And just in case you think we missed a colorful 4th weekend, you'd be wrong.

There was red, white and blue.

Pink, purple and orange too!

And those are the facts - sometimes just in black!


  1. Sounds like you made some independence about how to celebrate your long weekend, which all sounded perfectly blended with some alone time, some social time, & some adventuring. That rings out like perfect to me :)

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday weekend! I liked your post title!

  3. You are the queen of catchy titles! They always make me want to see what's going on. I'm like that with my scrapbook page titles. I want to draw the viewer in. Sounds like a fun long weekend!